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Electric pressure cookers have taken the cookbook and online recipe world by storm lately, and it’s no surprise. With options that all you to prepare a meal for your friends and family in usually half the time (or less!) it takes to use conventional methods, such as a stovetop or oven, an electric pressure cooker is all you need to make home-cooked meals fast. Many at-home chefs prefer a pressure cooker over a slow cooker, as you don't have to worry about getting the meal prepared before the wo…

k day and you don't usually run the risk of overcooking the meal.

Pressure cooking was invented in the 1600s by a Frenchman named Denis Papin who wanted to utilize steam and pressure into a new type of cooking method. His early prototype was used the steam pressure that builds up in the pot to help food cook faster when compared to traditional cooking methods. Today’s electric versions still use the same principles today but are much safer than early versions.

We’ve all heard horror stories of pressure cookers “exploding,” thus making a mess and even possibly injuring those nearby. However, today’s pressure cookers are incredibly safe and have a variety of safety features to prevent this type of incident from happening. For example, there are locked lids and steam valves that help regulate the steam pressure inside while also ensuring that it won’t explode or make a mess.

So, if you had reservations about using pressure or steam cooking in your own home, have no fear! Today’s electric appliances are some of the safest on the market. The Instant Pot is one of the most popular and well-reviewed models, but there are also cookers from Cuisinart, Breville, Fagor, and more. Because it's so popular, if you aren't finding the results that you need from searching for pressure cooking recipes, try searching for "Instant Pot recipes" to see if there are more results that you have missed.

There are thousands of pressure cooker recipes online that offer alternatives to traditional cooking, from baked bread to Chinese honey sesame chicken. Almost anything can be cooked in an electric pressure cooker, especially with the options that are available now, like saute and steaming. Below are some of the most popular sections of recipes for this popular cooking technique. Be sure to follow recipe instructions and experiment to make them your own, depending on your dietary needs and tastes.

Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes For Beginners

Using this appliance may be a little intimidating, but following some beginner recipes to make basic dishes, like macaroni and cheese, soup, or chili. All of these utilize less options and instructions with the cooker, so they are easier to follow.

Since you’re new to this appliance and style of cooking, don’t be afraid to read the instruction manual and make sure you know where all the control buttons are on the front before starting the recipe. It also makes sense to try an affordable recipe that doesn’t use expensive ingredients at first, so if it doesn’t come out as you expected, it is not as big of a deal.

That being said, electric pressure cookers are so easy to use, it is difficult to mess your meals up! Just make sure you follow the directions and understand how to use the controls. Before you know it, you’ll have a bowl of delicious tortilla soup, pot roast, beef stew, or even a chocolate dessert ready to serve!

Fast Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

As mentioned previously, electric pressure cookers cut down on the time it takes for meals of all types to cook. Even if you are using frozen or uncooked meat, this cooker will typically halve the time it takes to prepare a recipe.

As a result, there are many quick, fast, and easy electric pressure cooker recipes available today. Dishes that typically took hours to cook, like a pot roast or rotisserie chicken, is typically cut down to an hour.

One important thing to note about the time when using your pressure cooker is that there is still a period where it will “warm up.” Even though a recipe may say something like, “cook on manual mode for eight minutes,” this does not count the time it takes for the cooker to prepare itself for cooking. Once the top of the cooker is sealed and locked into place, it may take five to ten minutes for it to start building up steam pressure with enough force to finally cook your meal.

This is just something to take into consideration as you look at recipe instructions before preparing a meal. Even though the cook time may be listed as something small like eight minutes, be sure to calculate preparation and warm up time. In most cases, the cooker cannot be “warmed up” with steam pressure while it’s open, so unlike an oven, you can’t set it to preheat as you are preparing the ingredients. It is possible to use some of the features, like saute, while the lid is off the cooker, but for high-pressure cooking, the lid must be closed and locked into place for safety reasons.

Weight Watchers and Healthy Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

One of the best things that are so helpful for an electric pressure cooker is the ability to cook healthy meals that also follow Weight Watchers point values if you're following that specific healthy eating plan. Because meals can be cooked so quickly, it's easy to throw together something healthy rather than to look for junk food in your pantry or go out to eat somewhere. isn't as healthy as cooking at home. Because it's a home cooked meal, you can also know the exact nutritional or Weight Watchers point values of everything that is going into the recipe.

Electric pressure cooking is also a healthy way to cook because it doesn't use oil for frying to cook the food as a deep fat fryer would. You can save on any attic calories from oil or fat when you're using the power of high-pressure steam in an electric cooker.

Electric Pressure Cooker Chicken Recipes

Some of the most popular recipes for electric pressure cookers are ones that incorporate chicken, is that it is usually a meat that almost everyone likes, from kids to adults. There are several different types of chicken recipes available, from chicken alfredo to chicken parmesan. Some recipes call for sauteing or browning the chicken before it goes into the pressure cooker, whereas others allow you to place a raw chicken breast with your the rest of your ingredients together for a one-pot cooking solution.

Easy Pressure Cooker Beef Recipes

It's also possible to cook beef with your other ingredients in a single pressure cooker pot.

Follow one of our popular options for beef pressure cooker recipes, like beef stroganoff or steak soup. You'll find that beef is a favorite ingredient in many pressure cooking recipes, whether it's through using ground beef or cuts of steak. Most recipes do you recommend cooking ground beef before it goes into the pot just because it usually tastes better. However, the recipe can be adapted to use uncooked beef as per your specific needs.

Whatever type of meat you're cooking, or whether you want to be healthy or unhealthy, the electric pressure cooker offers a wide variety of recipes, taste, and flavors to give you and your family the exact dinner that you're looking for. Having a busy schedule does it mean that you don't have the time to cook delicious recipes at home.

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