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~ Cassie's Comforting Chicken & Noodles ~

Darren L.: "Very good will definitely make again. Added onion…" Read More
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  • 24 ounces egg noodles (frozen)
  • 14.7 ounces cream of chicken soup (cans -, sometimes i use 1 can chicken and 1 can cream of celery)
  • 1 stick butter (1/2 cup, cut into pieces)
  • 32 ounces chicken broth
  • noodles
  • mixed vegetables (optional - i didn't use this time)
  • chicken (buillon to taste - optional - i add about a teaspoon of better than buillion chicken flavored paste - for a richer chicken flavor)
  • 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (small, or 4 large)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • parsley
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    Darren L. 25 days ago
    Very good will definitely make again. Added onion and seasoned chicken with garlic salt, and McCormick poultry seasoning.
    Jan Neuberger 7 months ago
    Super easy and so good. A true comfort dish.
    Diana 9 months ago
    We love it! I've been making it for a few years and don't change a thing other than definitely adding water or broth near the end to make it less thick.
    Melissa Albright 2 years ago
    Amazing every time! Easy and one of my favorite crockpot recipes. I make with vegetables and fluffy rolls on the side.
    Jennifer K. 2 years ago
    Noodles turned out mushy and the dish doesn't have much flavor. now I have about 10 pounds of gelatinous chicken and noodle goo I'm not sure what to do with. Not sure if i did something wrong but was overall disappointed with this one.
    This sounds delicious but I not sure about the amount of soup. What brand of soup do you use? The recipe says 2 cans 14 11/16 oz. soup. Is this 14 11/16 oz. each? A can of Campbell’s cream of chicken soup is 10 1/2 oz.
    Martin 2 years ago
    I made a batch of chicken in my pressure cooker, then made this recipe from this. Will definitely make again. Just watch salt, I used low sodium broth and the tsp. of better than bullion and it was almost to salty.
    Teri Adamson 2 years ago
    I have made this before it’s now my favorite chicken and noodle dish. I make this on the stove instead of crockpot.
    Leah G. 2 years ago
    A few little additions of carrot onion and garlic and I made it on my stove top but it turned out great! 😋
    Nikki F. 2 years ago
    Turned out perfect!! Definitely need more broth
    El Conquistador 2 years ago
    This was awesome! Paired this with green bean casserole and homemade dinner rolls. Wow!
    Diana Kinnaman 2 years ago
    Amazing 😋 Would definitely make it again! Now a favorite!
    Kimberly Gorman 2 years ago
    My family loves this recipe!
    Jeanna Snyder 2 years ago
    A great home cooked meal done in a crock pot! Reminds me of Granny’s chicken noodle she made on Sundays. Will definitely make again and again!
    Sheila H. 2 years ago
    it turned out great everyone loved it.
    Sadler 3 years ago
    Delicious and hearty
    Brooke 3 years ago
    Very delicious! 🤤 Will be making again.
    Susan Martin 3 years ago
    It turned out fine. The ratio of chicken to noodles was off, I felt, but easily corrected next time. (It needs more noodles.)
    Jennifer Plante 3 years ago
    Delicious and super easy to make!
    David J. 3 years ago
    Great yummy comfort food
    Yummly User 3 years ago
    Great Easy- everyone liked it
    Wendi O. 3 years ago
    Very good! Added a bit more broth. It was a little too thick for me.
    Roger King 3 years ago
    This was very good. Had a bit of a hard time finding the frozen noodles, but we finally found them at Wal.
    Amy Watts 3 years ago
    this recipe did not disappoint it was pure comfort food.
    Mike 3 years ago
    Did not modify would make again might use less soup
    Linda 3 years ago
    Let me add to all the accolades about this recipe. I think it’s my favorite thing that I ever made. My husband was not a fan of the homestyle egg noodles. I personally loved them, but you could easily make this recipe without the noodles, cook some from a box and add them at the end. I am anxious to try this recipe again with some chopped celery and mushrooms- will probably substitute cream of mushroom soup for one of the cans of soup. There is a lot of liquid in this recipe. When I took out the chicken to tear it, I removed at least a cup of the liquid just so I could fit the noodles in. It’s a rich dish so we can’t have it too often but it is such a treat! I absolutely loved it.
    Shirley Williams 3 years ago
    I made this yesterday for a friend and they loved it, I couldn't find the frozen noodles so, I substituted it for regular egg noodles came out great. Total cook time in a Dutch oven was 4 hrs.
    Tammera Riddering 3 years ago
    Scrumptious and perfect for a cold, gray February day. I added homemade egg noodles just for some extra love. Encore!
    Kelly Dubs 3 years ago
    Great! Would definitely make it again!
    Elizabeth Matthews 3 years ago
    I’ve tried this one with and without veggies and I heartily recommend leaving them out. This recipe is everything it promises to be