Yogurt Sorbet with Watermelon and Almond Balls

Yogurt Sorbet with Watermelon and Almond Balls


Make your own frozen yogurt treat at home with this recipe for Yogurt Sorbet with Watermelon and Almond Balls. Coated in ground almonds, the frozen yogurt balls accompany watermelon balls and are topped with pieces of chocolate. Creamy and sweet, crunchy and intense, the flavor combinations are all here in this delicious frozen dessert. Add frozen grapes for additional flavor and texture. You can use your favorite flavor of yogurt as the base for this dessert.


6 servings
3 cups almonds (unshelled)
3 slices watermelon
4 squares milk chocolate (sugar-free)
450 milliliters natural yogurt (frozen)


1Grind the almonds.
2Cut the watermelon, removing the rind and seeds. Use a scooper to spoon out watermelon balls.
3Break the chocolate into coarse pieces.
4Scoop out balls of frozen yogurt, and coat with the crunchy almonds.
5Place the yogurt and watermelon balls in each dish. Top with pieces of chocolate.
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