Winter Igloo Cake

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Winter Igloo Cake


If your child was born in winter and you want to make them their very own personalized cake, then why not make this Winter Themed Igloo Cake. It is a decadent cake that is moist and flavorful. The recipe combines the sweetness of raspberry preserves, the decadence of chocolate and the fun of a personalized cake. Be sure to design the top to fit your needs and watch them smile from ear to ear when you present it to them.


1 chocolate cake (9 in., layer)
1 chocolate chip cake (baked on 2 half sphere molds to resemble 2 igloos)
raspberry preserves
300 grams almond paste (or marzipan)
2 egg whites
450 grams confectioners sugar
1 lemon
food coloring (blue)
blue sprinkles (for decoration)
150 grams marshmallows (small)


1Spread chocolate cake with raspberry preserves.
2Roll out almond paste and place on top of cake.
3Cover the chocolate chip cakes with remaining almond paste.
4In a medium bowl, beat egg whites, gradually adding confectioner's sugar and lemon juice. Keep beating until the mixture reaches a spreadable consistency. Frost chocolate cake and igloo shaped cakes.
5In a separate small bowl, combine 1 tbsp. of frosting with a few drops of blue food coloring to make desired color.
6Spread a little blue frosting on top of the chocolate cake to resemble water, and top with blue sprinkles.
7Trace ice bricks on the igloos with a wooden stick. Place the igloo cakes on top of the decorated chocolate cake.
8Place marshmallows along the edge of a cake.
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