Wild Mushroom and Hazelnut Cream Soup

Recetas del Señor Señor
Wild Mushroom and Hazelnut Cream Soup


This recipe for Wild Mushroom and Hazelnut Cream Soup takes the classic cream of mushroom soup to a whole new level. Featuring shallots, fresh thyme, and a medley of wild mushrooms, each spoonful of this delectable soup carries the nutty flavor of hazelnuts. Blend the soup and strain after cooking for a smooth texture. This Wild Mushroom and Hazelnut Cream Soup is dairy free, gluten free, and vegetarian friendly as it uses vegetable broth as its base.


  • 1 shallots
  • 400 grams wild mushrooms (assorted, chopped)
  • 700 milliliters vegetable broth
  • thyme
  • 70 grams hazelnuts
  • salt
  • ground black pepper


  1. 1Chop the shallot and cook until golden brown.
  2. 2Add the chopped mushrooms and cook for 3 minutes.
  3. 3After this time, add the vegetable broth and the thyme.
  4. 4Cook for 10 minutes then add the hazelnuts.
  5. 5Blend all the ingredients together, strain for a cleaner texture.
  6. 6Season with salt and pepper and serve.
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