Whole Wheat Apple Cookies

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Low in calories, these Whole Wheat Apple Cookies are a harvest treat you can feel good about eating. Dairy free and vegan friendly, the cookie dough is made with a mixture of whole wheat flour, chestnut flour, potato starch, and ground almonds for a dense crumbly cookie. Filled with a cinnamon, ginger, and clove spiced apple filling, these Whole Wheat Apple Cookies have all the flavors of your favorite apple pie. Brush with soy milk and sprinkle with granulated sugar before baking.


  • 100 grams whole wheat flour
  • 40 grams chestnut flour
  • 100 grams potato starch
  • 100 grams walnuts (ground finely)
  • 100 milliliters soy milk
  • 100 grams raw sugar
  • 60 milliliters sunflower oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 3 apples (small, sour variety)
  • ground cinnamon
  • ground ginger
  • 1 clove
  • water (as needed)
  • 3 tablespoons raw sugar (for the apples)


  1. Mix the three types of flour with the baking powder, the ground walnuts, and the raw sugar.
  2. Gradually add the soy milk and the oil and stir to combine; the mixture should be sticky.
  3. Shape the dough into a ball, cover it with plastic wrap, and refrigerate it for approximately 1 hour.
  4. In the meantime, peel the apples and cut them into small pieces.
  5. Place the apple pieces in a pan with the raw sugar, a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of ginger, and the clove, and cook for approximately 10 minutes. Add water if necessary.
  6. Let the apples cool completely.
  7. Place the dough between two sheets of wax paper, roll it out with a rolling pin and use a round cookie cutter or a glass to cut out many disks.
  8. Place a tablespoon of the cooked apples in the center of half of the disks. Top each of the disks with the apple filling with the remaining disks and seal the edges closed by using a fork.
  9. Place the cookies on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper, brush them with some soy milk and sprinkle with granulated sugar.
  10. Bake at 180C for approximately 20 minutes.
  11. Remove the cookies from the oven and cool on a wire rack.
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Sodium1% DV30mg
Fat15% DV10g
Protein6% DV3g
Carbs10% DV30g
Fiber12% DV3g
Calories210Calories from Fat90
Total Fat10g15%
Saturated Fat1g5%
Trans Fat
Calories from Fat90
Total Carbohydrate30g10%
Dietary Fiber3g12%
Vitamin A
Vitamin C

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


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Reviewer Profile Image
Erica J. 26 May 2015
I loved these whole wheat apple cookies because they really did have a strong apple taste and the use of whole wheat gave it a unique taste. It is much healthier to eat then other cookies and did not require much to make them. The cookies were more of a harder crumble style cookie; opposed to soft and chewy. I will be making these cookies as an alternative to the unhealthier one and would definitely give it 5 stars.