White and Dark Chocolate Bonbons

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White and Dark Chocolate Bonbons


Chocolate is a creative and comforting way to show someone you care. If you want to surprise someone with a sweet treat that is rich and flavorful, then this recipe for White and Black Chocolate with Puffed Rice Bonbons is a decadent option. The crispy sweet treats will melt in your mouth. Why not whip up a batch this weekend? We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


1 baking chocolate (tablet white, chopped)
1 baking chocolate (tablet dark, chopped)
chocolate puffed rice


1Heat white chocolate in a double boiler.
2Stir until the chocolate is melted and pour into a bowl to cool.
3Stir until chocolate feels cooler than skin.
4Return melted chocolate to double boiler and raise the temperature of the chocolate again.
5Remove again and let cool.
6The fluctuation of temperature will allow the chocolate to be shiny and not dull when dried.
7When slightly cool, pour into chocolate molds.
8Place a layer of puffed rice on top of the chocolate.
9Repeat steps with dark chocolate.
10Pour dark chocolate into mold over puffed rice.
11Let cool completely and serve.
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