Vanilla Ice Cream

O Meu Tempero
Vanilla Ice Cream


Here's another way to prepare ice cream without an ice cream maker, and it relies on gelatin sheets for the desired consistency. The milk iin the ice cream base is first infused with a vanilla bean for the classic flavor before being used to make the classic custard base wtih egg yolks, sugar, and cream. When using gelatin sheets, they need to be softened in cold water before dissolving in the hot liquid.


  • 550 milliliters milk
  • 1 vanilla pods
  • 3 gelatin sheet
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 170 grams sugar
  • 200 milliliters cream


  1. 1In a saucepan, heat milk with vanilla pod and bring to a boil.
  2. 2Soak gelatin sheets in a bowl of cold water.
  3. 3In a bowl, beat egg yolks and sugar until creamy.
  4. 4Remove vanilla pod from milk.
  5. 5 Add warm milk to egg mixture slowly, stirring constantly.
  6. 6Cook mixture in a double boiler or over very low heat, but do not allow to boil.
  7. 7Remove from heat and add the drained gelatin.
  8. 8Stir until gelatin is dissolved.
  9. 9After cooling, add beaten cream.
  10. 10Pour mixture into a plastic container and freeze for approximately 1 hour.
  11. 11Beat mixture and freeze again until well-chilled.
  12. 12To serve, drizzle with caramel sauce or other toppings, to taste.
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