Tropical Custard - Thermomix recipe

As receitas lá de casa
Tropical Custard - Thermomix recipe


Dessert in a flash: Combine all ingredients in the Thermomix and voila! Only 11 minutes later the custard is ready, with just a quick browning with a small kitchen torch as a final and essential step, caramelizing the cinnamon-sugar topping to a wonderful brulee. You could also do this under a heated broiler, watching carefully to avoid scorching. Coconut milk lends these desserts tropical flavor.


800 grams coconut milk
200 grams milk
200 grams sugar
6 egg yolks
70 grams flour
ground cinnamon


1Place all the ingredients in the Thermomix cup and set to 11 minutes/temperature 90/speed. 3.
2Pour the custard in a platter or individual bowls.
3Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon and burn the surface with a blowtorch.
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