Tomatoes Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Tuna

O Meu Tempero
Tomatoes Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Tuna


Stuffed tomatoes have long been a favorite of professional caterers and home entertainers alike, since they are quick and easy to assemble and universally adored by guests. Here, the tomatoes are stuffed with a well seasoned mixture of cottage cheese and tuna, then served with an arugula and orange salad. The tomatoes are also good on their own as part of an appetizer station or alongside eggs for a special brunch.


  • 3 tomatoes (elongated)
  • 1 cottage cheese curd
  • 1 can tuna
  • coarse salt (to taste)
  • white pepper (to taste)
  • 2 tablespoons fresh chives
  • raspberry vinegar
  • virgin olive oil
  • 1 orange (large)
  • arugula


  1. 1Cut the tomatoes lengthwise and remove the inside.
  2. 2In a bowl, mash the cottage cheese with tuna and season with salt, pepper, and chopped chives. Mix well.
  3. 3Fill up the tomato.
  4. 4Season with raspberry vinegar and olive oil.
  5. 5Serve with orange segments, and the arugula salad dressing.
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