The Croque Dudu

The Croque Dudu


2 tablespoons oat bran
1 tablespoon wheat bran
2 tablespoons cheese
1 eggs
1 teaspoon yeast
salt (to taste)
ground black pepper (to taste)
skim milk (10 cl.)
2 teaspoons corn starch
ground black pepper (to taste)
nutmeg (to taste, optional)
15 grams gruyere cheese (grated)
30 grams Emmenthal (light, grated)
2 slices turkey ham


1Preheat oven to 350 F
2Bread Preparation:
3In a bowl, combine all the ingredients.
4Pour mixture into a microwave proof container and cook for 4 minutes in the microwave.
5Remove from mold and cut the bread lengthwise.
6Bechamel Preparation:
7In a saucepan, mix the milk and the cornstarch. Cook on low heat until thickened.
8Add pepper and nutmeg.
9Add the grated emmenthal and gruyere.
10Stir well to melt the cheese.
11Croque-dudu Preparation:
12Spread a layer of bechamel on a slice of bread.
13Add the ham slices, and cover with a slice of bread.
14Pour the remaining bechamel on top.
15Sprinkle the grated cheese.
16Bake in the oven until golden brown.
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