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The Best Effing Chicken Recipe Ever. Seriously.

Greetings: "My husband who is usually happy with everything a…" Read More
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The Best Effing Chicken Recipe Ever. Seriously.

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  • 1 whole chicken (about 4 1/2 pounds), deboned and butterflied so it can lay flat, in one piece, with the skin side up (ask the butcher to do it for you)
  • 1 tsp. kosher salt
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    Calories340Calories from Fat80
    Total Fat9g14%
    Saturated Fat3g15%
    Trans Fat
    Calories from Fat80
    Total Carbohydrate
    Dietary Fiber
    Vitamin A4%
    Vitamin C

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


    Reviewer Profile Image
    Greetings a year ago
    My husband who is usually happy with everything and doesn’t say much made sure to tell me how good this dish was. I deboned my 3.25lb. chicken (split from the back). I greased a wide shallow roasting pan. I seasoned the bottom side of the chicken, placed it in the pan. Seasoned the skin, and placed it uncovered in the fridge for 1 hour. Preheated the oven to 250. Paper toweled the moisture off the skin and added coarse salt and pepper. Placed on low rack for 30 minutes, was already 165*. I will be more cautious not to let that sneak up on me. I pulled it out to rest for a few minutes, stalling. Set the broiler and set the rack to the Top. Put the chicken back in for about 5 minutes, rotating at half and keeping a very close eye. Let rest a moment before quartering. I was concerned this recipe doesn’t provide step by step pictures.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Stephanie Mattila 2 years ago
    It took twice as long to cook, had almost no flavor (no way 1 tsp of salt is going to give an entire chicken flavor!?), but was tender as could be. I will do it again but plan for twice as long, and will coat with all kinds of seasonings. No doubt it’ll be good.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Melissa Fandrey 3 years ago
    It took longer than stated to cook but it is delicious and so worth the extra time. I will definitely be making this again.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Nicole Asiu 3 years ago
    I have been making this chicken for years and was surprised to actually find it as a recipe because it is so simple! I find u need to be generous with the salt otherwise it’s bland, so I probably use more like 2 tsps salt and be sure to get it all under the skin. I do butterfly the chicken but I don’t debone it. The longer you can leave it brining the better as it helps to keep the chicken moist. Just before baking I rub a little sesame oil on the skin for a little added flavor and to help it crisp. I don’t use the broiler but I bake it at 400 for 45 mins. This tastes like Chinese styled fried chicken.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Becky Miller 3 years ago
    Absolutely delicious. My husband said it was the best Chicken Recipe. I will be making this again real soon.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Lisa O. 4 years ago
    Not the BEST. Someone got paid for the laziest article ever-- that's what this is. As others said, your 🐣 probably won't be done.. be careful.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Stephanie 4 years ago
    The chicken came out uncooked, parts in the middle were jelly like and even the meat in the breast needed more time. I had to bake it for another 30 minutes. My oven can’t be that off can it?! everything else I cook comes out fine.. or maybe quasi brined meat looks different cooked?? fair warning for those with a hungry crew chomping down your back, extra time may be needed.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Colin 4 years ago
    Simple but delicious. Recommend Bruno g the chicken for a few hours first
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Cindy 4 years ago
    Yes it is the best chicken ever I make it all the time I give it a 10 stare hands down it does not take long to make You can get your supermarket to debone it for you takes no time at all to make Absolutely fabulous best chicken I’ve ever ate and my husband to it’s his favorite
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Marie 4 years ago
    It is so easy and tasted pretty good. I will make it again.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    YumChef-moybg 5 years ago
    Awesome and sooo easy!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Sasha Ordiway 5 years ago
    The chicken was good, tender & juicy. Definitely not the best... bland, deboned chicken is hard to find, the skin was crispy but barely edible & the broiling resulted in smoke detectors going off. Maybe I did something wrong, but there's no way broiling on high for 10 minutes would have resulted in anything but my oven catching fire!