• beef heart
  • tomato
  • sugar


  1. Choose large tomatoes and intact.
  2. Blanch them one by one in hot water.
  3. Make two cuts on the top and pull the skin down to the base.
  4. Book a bowl.
  5. Then, place each tomato under the tap and remove the seeds with the help of running water.
  6. Place the tomatoes in a colander to let out all the water.
  7. Weigh the tomatoes and, for each kg of tomato, use 800 grs of sugar.
  8. Put everything on a pot and boil until it's simmered.
  9. Remove occasionally with a scoop and check the texture on a plate.
  10. It has to be noted that when the sweet cools, it becomes "stiff" and don't let it simmer too much.
  11. You can add a cinnamon stick.
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