• avocado
  • carrots
  • imitation crab meat (You can substitute the real stuff if you like)
  • mayonnaise
  • sriracha sauce
  • cooked rice (seasoned with sushi vinegar)
  • seasoning (Furikake, Rice)
Read Directions
Imitation Crab Salad.Imitation Crab Salad.
Imitation Crab Salad.
Lemon Mustard Chicken For HCG Diet.Lemon Mustard Chicken For HCG Diet.
Lemon Mustard Chicken For HCG Diet.
Homemade Sushi.Homemade Sushi.
Homemade Sushi.
Cafe Rio Sweet Pork.Cafe Rio Sweet Pork.
Cafe Rio Sweet Pork.
No-Bake Lemon Cream Pie.No-Bake Lemon Cream Pie.
No-Bake Lemon Cream Pie.
Mouthwatering Baked Buffalo Chicken .Mouthwatering Baked Buffalo Chicken .
Mouthwatering Baked Buffalo Chicken .
Imitation Crab Roll.Imitation Crab Roll.
Imitation Crab Roll.
Soft & Chewy Banana Bread Cookies.Soft & Chewy Banana Bread Cookies.
Soft & Chewy Banana Bread Cookies.
Garlic Balsamic Crusted Pork Tenderloin.Garlic Balsamic Crusted Pork Tenderloin.
Garlic Balsamic Crusted Pork Tenderloin.
Imitation Crab Salad.Imitation Crab Salad.
Imitation Crab Salad.
Sushi Parfait.Sushi Parfait.
Sushi Parfait.
Double Banana Cream Pie.Double Banana Cream Pie.
Double Banana Cream Pie.
Imitation Lobster Rolls.Imitation Lobster Rolls.
Imitation Lobster Rolls.
Imitation Crabmeat Au Gratin.Imitation Crabmeat Au Gratin.
Imitation Crabmeat Au Gratin.
Cucumber Sushi.Cucumber Sushi.
Cucumber Sushi.
5-Ingredient Cheesecake.5-Ingredient Cheesecake.
5-Ingredient Cheesecake.
Perfect Buttercream Frosting.Perfect Buttercream Frosting.
Perfect Buttercream Frosting.
Seafood Salad.Seafood Salad.
Seafood Salad.
Vegetable Sushi.Vegetable Sushi.
Vegetable Sushi.
Zesty Seafood Salad.Zesty Seafood Salad.
Zesty Seafood Salad.
Lemon Meringue Pie Cookie Bites.Lemon Meringue Pie Cookie Bites.
Lemon Meringue Pie Cookie Bites.
Classic Meatloaf.Classic Meatloaf.
Classic Meatloaf.
Sushi Cake.Sushi Cake.
Sushi Cake.
Salmon Sushi.Salmon Sushi.
Salmon Sushi.
Imitation Crab Dip (Great Stuff!).Imitation Crab Dip (Great Stuff!).
Imitation Crab Dip (Great Stuff!).
Imitation Crabmeat Rangoon.Imitation Crabmeat Rangoon.
Imitation Crabmeat Rangoon.
Golden Corral Crab Salad.Golden Corral Crab Salad.
Golden Corral Crab Salad.
Imitation Crabmeat Salad.Imitation Crabmeat Salad.
Imitation Crabmeat Salad.