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Strawberry Muffins

KEIRA: "Absolutely delicious! Glaze was a little surgery…" Read More
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  • 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
  • 3/4 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/3 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 cup strawberries (fresh, diced into small pieces, the smaller the better)
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 2 teaspoons milk
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    KEIRA 6 days ago
    Absolutely delicious! Glaze was a little surgery but otherwise it was great, my entire family loved it!
    priscilla t. a month ago
    The muffins themselves were OK, nothing spectacular, but they were very moist. They were not very sweet at all. Would recommend soaking strawberries in sugar before adding to batter and adding sugar to tops before or half way through cooking and forgoing the glaze altogether.
    Salina G. 2 months ago
    My boys absolutely loved these!!
    I am an iDiOt 3 months ago
    Just made these today, and I must say, they turned out great! Something I reccomend is to squeeze a strawberry and let the juice fall into the glaze! Anyways my two year old loves them and they really hit the spot.
    Katie Snyder 3 months ago
    I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure the glaze needed more than 1-2 TEASPOONS of milk if using 1 CUP of powdered sugar.
    Parislover 825 3 months ago
    Really good. I didn’t addd any fruit and sprinkled sone sugar over the batter before baking
    Sai Konda 3 months ago
    I thought the batter was way too dry so I was a bit worried. These muffins turned out amazing!!!
    Ford 4 months ago
    very good. didn’t need modified
    Katy N. 4 months ago
    These are the best, without the glaze. I had too many berries so I made two batches the first one I misread the recipe and put in too much oil and milk but it was fine. For the second I tried to follow it exactly but it was too thick so I added more milk and oil. Both batches tasted great and so easy!
    Jonah Matson 5 months ago
    Amazing recipe! I doubled the batch and got 1 1/2 pans instead of getting 2 pans, but they tasted just fine! (I didn’t make the glaze) Just a tip for others: if your batter is thick, don’t add milk. If you add milk, the batter will get sticky and stick to the tins. (Even with cooking spray)
    Tara T. 6 months ago
    These were ok to me. Edible, but definitely not great. I would not make again.
    Nancy 6 months ago
    Absolutely delicious! I skipped the glazed frosting and just made the muffins. They were easy to make and tasted fantastic. I shared them with friends, one of whom ate three muffins in one sitting! I will definitely be making these again.
    Tana Jacobson 7 months ago
    OMG! Absolutely delicious - will def make again!!
    Alyanna Alyanna 7 months ago
    It was delicious! First time to bake and it was fun.
    Vanessa F. a year ago
    Great! Moist, not too sweet! My co-workers loved them!
    ZealousFoodie a year ago
    They came out great my husband along with myself enjoyed them and I gave two to my neighbor they loved them they could not stop talking about these muffins.
    Cecilia Nickel a year ago
    Great very light! I didn’t put the sugar topping on them but they were great Saturday snacks for my kiddos! Thanks for sharing!
    Adrianne Kinzie a year ago
    Moist and sweet without the glaze. Yummy!
    Kaitlin O'Connor a year ago
    these were delicious and super easy to make! last week i made them wkth strawberries and tonight i made them using apples.
    Samantha Cruz a year ago
    Very easy, very good. I agree its better with out the glaze but even with it on, its still pretty good 👍
    Nadia a year ago
    Fluffy, sweet (but not too sweet), gorgeous strawberry flavour, and light enough to eat 3 or more in one sitting... yummmmmm
    Maria J. a year ago
    Absolutely delicious, although I prefer without the glaze, but with or without it is spectacular.
    CunningFoodie a year ago
    Very easy to make. Sweetness just right. Made a few times already
    Josette a year ago
    Baked these today and added zest of one lemon to batter and used 1tsp lemon juice 1tsp milk for the graze! Yummy!!
    Kristin H. a year ago
    My 10 and 7 year old wanted muffins and I did not want to cook, it’s a super easy 1st recipe for them to make, they look great! Taste test is next.
    G 2 years ago
    Very good and moist muffins, thanks for the recipe
    Jacobs 2 years ago
    Really moist and good! Had to cook it a little longer than the listed time but overall really good!
    Micki G. 2 years ago
    Quick, simple, and very good. Baked for 15 minutes. Didn't make the glaze.
    Desi Terror T. 3 years ago
    Yummy muffins!!! They came out moist and the strawberry came in perfectly. I didn't add the glaze as the muffins alone were already sweet. I'll definitely be making these again.
    Laura P. Reeser 3 years ago
    Easy & they turned out great! Didn't use the glaze on top because I was out of powdered sugar.