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A beautiful jam with bold flavor makes for an excuse to go strawberry picking or pick up a few extra cartons at your local grocery store or market. Made with equal parts brown and white sugar, this jam also incorporates lemon and cinnamon to produce a fresh warm flavor you will want to spread on everything.


  • 1,500 grams strawberries (wished, with stems removed)
  • 400 grams brown sugar
  • 400 grams white sugar
  • 1/2 lemon (medium)
  • 1 cinnamon stick


  1. Place all ingredients in a tall saucepan or pot and cook at low/medium heat. When the mixture starts boiling, lower the heat slightly and let simmer, stirring occasionally.
  2. When the strawberries are soft, remove the cinnamon stick and mix the jam with a hand blender. Do not remove from heat.
  3. Cook until the jam is ready. To check if the jam is ready, drop a bit on a smooth surface and pass a spoon through it. If the jam leaves a "road" (which doesn't disappear immediately) when a spoon passes through it, it is ready.
  4. Remove from the heat and place immediately in sterilized jars.
  5. Turn the bottles upside down until they cool completely.
  6. To serve: spread on bread or crackers, or use to fill cakes and pies.
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Liz H. 30 May 2015
This is a very easy jam recipe. I've always been nervous to attempt making jam. This jam is simple and delicious. I highly recommend this recipe for anyone wanting to try making jam. This is a great recipe. I will make this again and again!