1 leg of lamb (or mutton, beef may also be used)
1 kilogram pork
2 onions
15 milliliters mild curry powder
1 milliliter ground turmeric
30 milliliters sugar (brown of white)
15 milliliters corn starch
500 milliliters vinegar (if it is to strong, it may be diluted with water)
125 milliliters apricots (Stewed dry, or apricot chutney)
3 leaves (crushed lemon)


1Cut the meat in 2" cubes. Cut onion in slices and put in a pot with a little water. Cook for about 5 minutes till glassy but still crisp. Drain the rest of the water, add 30 ml of oil or fat and sautee onions till lightly brown. Add 250 ml water and simmer till soft. Mix the curry, turmeric, cornstarch, sugar, 5 ml of salt and vinegar and add to onions.
2Mix in the apricots or chutney. Cook for about 3 minutes and remove from heat. Add the leaves and allow to cool completely. Pour the sauce over the cubes of meat and marinade for about 24 - 48 hours, stirring it around once or twice. Season meat with about 10 ml of salt for each 500 g of meat.
3Skewer the cubes of meat onto thin sticks (cut specially for this purpose.
4I think you will find it in you local supermarket). Use about 6 cubes for each skewer, and alternate the mutton and pork. Roast over open coals or in oven. Heat the sauce, cook for about 2 minutes and serve with sosaties.
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