Sardine Salad

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Sardine Salad


Similar to canned tuna, sardines from a tin are an incredibly versatile convenience item to keep in your cupboard, delivering ample protein and heart-healthy fats as well as singular flavor. In this simple salad, the sardines are broken into pieces and folded into a mixture of chopped tomatoes, onions, roasted peppers, and fresh chives. A drizzle of olive oil and splash or two of vinegar (your choice) is all that's needed for a "dressing."


  • 2 cans sardines (in olive oil)
  • 3 medium tomatoes
  • 1 1/2 onions
  • chives
  • 1/2 jar roasted bell peppers (pickled)
  • olive oil
  • vinegar


  1. Drain the sardines. Cut in half lengthwise and remove the spine. Break into pieces and place in a bowl. Chop the tomato, onion, chives and peppers and add to the sardines. Mix well.
  2. Sprinkle generously with olive oil and vinegar just before serving.
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