Sandblasted Sweets with Chocolate and Huckleberries

On dine chez Nanou

These delicious little bites are the perfect combination of flavors and textures. A delicate and sandy shortbread is the base, which is topped with tart cranberry jam and then a layer of chocolate ganache. A sprinkling of crushed hazelnuts add a nice bit of crunch and the flavor of the nuts is a perfect complement to the shortbread, cranberry jam, and chocolate. You can switch up the flavor of the jam or the nuts you sprinkle on top, depending on your preferences and what you have on hand.


  • 50 grams shortbread cookies
  • 25 grams softened butter
  • 200 grams dark chocolate
  • cream (10 cl. fresh)
  • jam (huckleberry)
  • hazelnuts (flaked)


  1. In the bowl of a blender, mix together the cookies and butter.
  2. Spread a layer in flexible molds, using the back of a small spoon to firmly pack the mixture.
  3. Melt the chocolate in the microwave.
  4. Heat the cream over the stove. Mix the cream into the melted chocolate.
  5. Add some cranberry jam (approx. 1/2 teaspoon) in the center of each mold that has been pressed with the shortbreads.
  6. Pour the chocolate to fill the molds.
  7. Sprinkle with nuts and let chill before unmolding.
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