Rump Steak with Chips and Poached Egg

O Meu Tempero
Rump Steak with Chips and Poached Egg


This recipe for Rump Steak with Chips and Poached Egg is a meal that will stick to your bones. It takes only 35 minutes to prepare this decadent, robust dinner option. This succulent recipe combines rump beef steak with sensational spices for a divine dish that the family will love. This complete meal is perfect for a hearty Sunday dinner. We know you and your family will love it. Why not get the ingredients today?


chili powder (Sweet)
olive oil (for frying and seasoning)
dried parsley
coarse salt
beef steak (rump)
ground black pepper (Freshly)
1 steak
white wine vinegar
lemon wedges (to garnish)


1Cut the potatoes into slices with a mandoline or other manual grater.
2Wash and dry all the slices well with paper towels, or a kitchen towel.
3Sprinkle with paprika powder, and stir so that all the slices are covered.
4Fry the potatoes in hot olive oil (take note that it splashes more than cooking oil, and the temperature should be lower than cooking oil), and drain on paper towels.
5While potatoes are still warm, sprinkle with dried parsley and salt.
6While frying the potatoes, turn on the oven to broil.
7Season the steaks with salt, ground pepper, unpeeled pressed garlic, and grease lightly with olive oil on both sides.
8Broil until the steaks are branded by the grill (over cooked makes the meat tough).
9Heat a small saucepan with water. When water begins to boil, add a little vinegar, and with a spoon swirl the water in a clockwise direction to make a kind of whirlwind. Add the eggs (one at a time), and cook for 4 minutes.
10Serve hot and garnish with lemon wedges
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