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Rosemary Lemon Pork Chops

Jackie Bowman: "So good! I used lemon juice in place of fresh lem…" Read More
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Rosemary Lemon Pork Chops

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Recipe courtesy of Melissa Garcia, Consumer Queen


  • 4 porterhouse (bone-in loin) pork chops (or New York pork chops, about 3/4-inch thick)
  • 1/8 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 tsp. rosemary (dried)
  • 2 tsp. garlic (minced)
  • 1 tsp. sage (dried)
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsp. pepper
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    1. In a small bowl, combine olive oil, lemon juice, rosemary, garlic, sage, salt, and pepper. Transfer to a large resealable bag and add pork. Set aside for 30 minutes, turning occasionally.
    2. Prepare a grill to medium-high heat and lightly oil the grate. Remove pork from marinade; discard marinade. Grill pork until internal temperature reaches 145 degrees F, about 4 minutes per side. Remove chops from grill and let rest 3 minutes.
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    Reviewer Profile Image
    Jackie Bowman 5 months ago
    So good! I used lemon juice in place of fresh lemon since it’s what I had on hand, and cooked in a cast iron pan on the stovetop with the remaining marinade. When pork was done, I put them on a plate and moved my veggies to the pan and simmered them in the pan with the juice! Added the pork back on top. Yummmm!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Wall 6 months ago
    Simple and delicious. Didn’t quite follow the recipe… used a whole very large lemon and a lot more garlic than called for. Also I used fresh herbs—I have an abundance. The result was wonderfully lemony. The garlic didn’t really come through, but the rosemary sure did.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Emily Johnson 7 months ago
    These turned out great
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Mike Alligood a year ago
    Very good marinade for pork chops. I will be doing it again.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Lisa Fegarsky a year ago
    It came out tasty but not gourmet. I give it 4 stars. I used a whole lemon.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Polsen 2 years ago
    I ended up having to bake it at 400 for 25 min. So good and will be making again.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Sally Ku 2 years ago
    Very tasty! My husband, who doesn't like pork chops loved it. We're keeping this one!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Jonathan Rivera 2 years ago
    Delicious taste !!!!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Anne Kenyon 2 years ago
    Perfect way to make pork chops!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Da_Jedi 2 years ago
    Great turnout! While introducing a new option to dinners. Flavorful and delicious
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Alexander 3 years ago
    Will definitely keep this recipe in rotation!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Paula Meehan 3 years ago
    Very lemony! Yum! Will become a regular.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Sherri 3 years ago
    Delicious, moist, and easy to make
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Britta Evans Miles 3 years ago
    Good recipe. I pan seared and baked for 30 mins at 350 too. Yummy!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Allison Pennell 3 years ago
    Very tasty! I used a whole lemon instead of half and fresh rosemary along with the other seasonings--a delicious marinade. i used a grill pan 4-5 minutes on each side. Very tender.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Harris 3 years ago
    Great! I used country style pork ribs and made with mashed potatoes ans sugar snap peas. The flavor combination was great! Will be making again.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Katie Roseberry 4 years ago
    Delicious, I really enjoyed the spice combination. I ended up baking the chops at 350 for 50 minutes.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Michelle 4 years ago
    Terrific recipe. I didn't marinate the meat as long as I would have liked, however the flavor was very good. I grilled the meat over charcoal, and it was moist and delicious.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Andrea Moreno 4 years ago
    3.5 stars, cooking directions not perfect flavor good
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Wheildon 4 years ago
    I used lamb chops instead of pork. Was yummy and very easy! would make again
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Hadley 4 years ago
    Delicious! I added butter and used fresh thyme, rosemary, and sage. It was perfect
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Archer 4 years ago
    It was will make it again.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Nikki Linn 4 years ago
    Made this with bone in pork chops, turned out perfect! I added some soy sauce and a little honey to the mix. Also, make sure to use fresh lemon juice rather than bottled, makes a huge difference.