Risotto with Asparagus

Risotto with Asparagus


500 grams asparagus (green)
30 asparagus (cooking water)
1 shallots
1 teaspoon olive oil
150 grams arborio rice (round)
dry white wine (2cl.)
1 teaspoon mascarpone
20 grams parmesan cheese
ground black pepper


11. Peel the asparagus and cut the stalks to a length of 10 cm from the heads. Cut the asparagus stalks into small wedges.
22. Meanwhile, boil 1 liter of water in the bowl of a food processor (no utensils are needed) at 220F (settings: “mix 3”). Once the water starts boiling, add the asparagus heads and cook for 2 minutes. Drain them, keeping 20cl cooking water. Plunge immediately into cold water in order to stop the cooking.
33. Peel and mince the shallot. Pour the olive oil in the bowl of the food processor fitted with the mixer attachment and program to 210F. Add the shallot and let it sweat on the ""mix 2"" setting.
44. Then, add the rice and cook it for a few minutes, and moisten with the white wine and let it reduce. Gradually, add the 20 cl of asparagus cooking water, and cook for 15-20 min. Add more broth if necessary. Add the chopped asparagus tails 3 minutes before the risotto is ready.
55. At the last moment, add the mascarpone and parmesan, and then season with salt and pepper. Serve hot.
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