Rich Chocolate / Carambars Cream

On dine chez Nanou
Rich  Chocolate / Carambars Cream


All you need to have a sweet treat that will tantalize the taste buds and put a smile on your face, is three simple ingredients and 30 minutes. This recipe for Rich Chocolate / Carambars Cream makes four amazing and delicious dessert servings. Serve this up as a sweet treat after a decadent dinner, or as a late night treat after a long hard day. We hope you and your loved ones will love this recipe as much as we do.


cream (20 cl. of liquid)
15 carambars
20 grams dark chocolate


1Melt carambars pieces and chocolate cream over low heat .
2Stir until the mixture is very smooth.
3Pour into glasses and set aside in a cool place for at least 2 hours.
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