Pressure Cooker Egg Pudding

O Meu Tempero
Pressure Cooker Egg Pudding


Both chefs and pastry chefs alike proudly proclaim their love for pressure cookers, and you will too once you discover how many ways you can use a pressure cooker as a time saving kitchen tool. Take this pudding, for example, which calls for exactly four ingredients, and that's it. The pudding is mixed together, poured into the lined mold, and then steamed in the cooker in just ten minutes. Let cool, umold, chill, and serve.


  • caramel sauce
  • 6 eggs
  • 6 tablespoons sugar
  • 500 milliliters milk


  1. 1Spread liquid caramel in a pudding mold with a cover.
  2. 2Place eggs, sugar and milk in a bowl and mix well with an electric mixer.
  3. 3Pour mix into mold and seal.
  4. 4Place pudding mold in pressure cooker and add water until container is half submerged.
  5. 5Close pressure cooker well.
  6. 6Cook over high heat and bring to a boil.
  7. 7Reduce heat.
  8. 8Cook for 10 minutes and remove from heat.
  9. 9Let pressure cooker cool completely before opening.
  10. 10Let cool and remove pudding from pan.
  11. 11Refrigerate and serve cold.
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