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Peachy Pork Picante

Adrien Caldwell: "Yep. That’s good I added some tomatoe sauce. Add…" Read More
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Peachy Pork Picante

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Spicy meets sweet for a happy union in this quick stovetop dish. Everyone who tries this dish likes it, so try it! Serve with rice and beans, garnished with cilantro.


  • 1 lb. boneless pork loin (cut into 3/4-inch cubes)
  • 2 Tbsp. taco seasoning
  • 2 tsp. vegetable oil
  • 8 oz. salsa (chunky style)
  • 1/3 cup peach preserves
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    1. Coat pork cubes with taco seasoning. Heat oil in large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat; add pork and cook to brown, stirring occasionally. Add salsa and preserves to pan, lower heat, cover and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Serve over rice, if desired.
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    Reviewer Profile Image
    Adrien Caldwell 21 minutes ago
    Yep. That’s good I added some tomatoe sauce. Add some sour cream when eating. Yummy
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Christy S. 22 days ago
    Delicious! would make it again. i love super easy recipes that turn out great
    Reviewer Profile Image
    c 4 months ago
    i followed what one of the reviews said of adding a few more things and doubled the recipe it was really good. we also made spanish rice that we put it over making it a nice fuller meal!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Samantha R. 7 months ago
    Amazingly simple and flavorful recipe!! My pickiest kid cleaned his plate of SECONDS!! Mm mm mm!!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Joe 7 months ago
    Used chicken thighs put in an extra yellow onion; came out great. Also used jalapeño peach preserves. Another variation I've made is: 1/2 Diced Green Pepper Yellow Onion Chopped (Large Chunks) 4 Garlic Cloves Diced Peach Preserves ( I use robert rothschild hot pepper peach) Spicy Taco Seasoning Ground Turkey 1. Pan Cook the Garlic, Onions, Green Peppers, GRound Turkey and Taco Seasoning 2. Throw in the peach preserves & Salsa, Cover and simmer for 20 minutes
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Veronica S. 8 months ago
    Amazing! I used hot salsa and ended up adding a little heavy cream at the end.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Natalie Bitter 9 months ago
    My whole family cleared their plates after having seconds, even my daughter, the worlds pickiest eater! I did use spicy salsa and added a bit more peach preserve. I will be making this again!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Tamara S. a year ago
    Great, easy meal! This one is now part of the rotation!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Phillip B a year ago
    Came out amazing! I'll definitely make it again, but with medium or hot salsa instead.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Janice K. 2 years ago
    delicious!!!! my kids enjoyed it , and asked for it to have chicken next time.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    loren 2 years ago
    loved it! easy and quick to make
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Brent Miller 2 years ago
    Amazing. Had to be a little different so used one peach and 8 oz of peach glaze but it turned out so amazing and will make again
    Reviewer Profile Image
    John A. 2 years ago
    tastes great, kids loved it. going to try it with rice next.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Bryan Reese 2 years ago
    Needed more peach to balance dish, but great and easy
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Lee Worsham 2 years ago
    quick, easy, loved it over some Carolina gold rice!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Robby 2 years ago
    Great, loved it. Served with Spanish rice and black beans and flour tortillas. Next time I will add some chipotle peppers for a little more spicy flavor.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Lisa Fox 2 years ago
    Delicious! My family approved.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    McKenzie D 3 years ago
    It was only OK. Forgettable. Not a recipe we’ll make again.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Jamaine 3 years ago
    It was delicious. Substituted peach for Apricot preserves. Was still amazing.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    KB 3 years ago
    The kids said it tasted Mexican but with an Asian twist. The dubbed it "MexAsian Chicken." We had it with steamed rice (some don't like cornbread) and also cornbread. It paired nicely with both
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Samantha Pratt 3 years ago
    Loved it! Made my own peach preserve and the combination really works, definitely would make again 😋
    Reviewer Profile Image
    gary 3 years ago
    very quick and yummy!!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Jerri 3 years ago
    Quick and easy. Was very yummy
    Reviewer Profile Image
    melissa arnold 3 years ago
    Switched peach preserves for canned peaches and it was still very tasty.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Rachele W. 3 years ago
    this was good meal and it was a hit with the kids and hubby
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Angie 3 years ago
    Made it tonight for dinner and it turned out great. The kids love it. Will be making it again.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    ramona 4 years ago
    it turned out really good. did nit have the peach peserves so i used can peaches instead. poured thevjuice out and mashed the peaches up and added them with the salsa and was really good. will make again.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Corinne H. 4 years ago
    This recipe is delicious! I made it exactly as written except that my husband snuck in a little garlic powder on the meat. I would definitely make this again.
    Reviewer Profile Image
    Van Duren 4 years ago
    Made this tonight. I followed the recipe exactly, except I doubled up on all the ingredients and added bell peppers i needed to use from my fridge. Those got chopped sautéed first and added in after removing from heat, to retain a slight crunch. Served with jasmine rice and steamed carrots. Family loved it!!! Definitely adding to our weeknight rotation!
    Reviewer Profile Image
    ASmith 5 years ago
    Added medium salsa for a tiny bit of heat with the sweetness Kiddos loved it