Pastel Meringues

Chloé Delice
Pastel Meringues


If you need a light and airy dessert that would be perfect for a holiday party, special occasion, or celebration, then why not give these Pastel Meringues a try. With only four ingredients, these sweet morsels are perfect when you don't have much time to make a dessert, but want to bring something to the party that everyone will love. Be sure to add these ingredients to your next shopping trip. Feel free to pick your own food coloring depending on how you want them to look.


2 egg whites
125 grams superfine sugar
lemon juice
food coloring (blue)


1In the bowl of a food processor, add the egg whites and a dash of lemon juice.
2Switch the mixer to medium speed and pnce the egg whites begin the stiffen add the sugar, all at once.
3Set the mixer to the maximum speed for about 4 minutes. After 3 minutes add the a dash of blue food coloring.
4The merinque should form a stiff peak.
5Heat your oven to 80 degrees Celsius.
6On a baking sheet lined with silicone or parchment paper, shape your meringues using a pastry bag.
7Bake your meringues for 2 hours.
8They will be cooked when the bottom comes off of the pan neatly; they should be dry to the touch.
9Turn off the oven and leave the meringues inside to cool down.
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