Panini with Ham and Onion Compote


Breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner; any time of day is the best time of day to make this quick savory Panini. Thick slices of Panini bread is filled with salty ham, biting onions, sticky savory raisins, and sweet oozing honey. Layer the bread with a small amount of softened butter and spoon on the filling. Top it with a slice, or more, of ham. Finally, put the second slice of Panini overtop and place on the grill. When it's beginning to bubble, flip over to the other side. Beautiful grill marks on the outside, perfect warm filling on the inside.


  • panini buns
  • 1 jar compote (onion, with raisins and honey)
  • ham
  • butter


  1. Cut the bread in half.
  2. Butter them.
  3. Put half a slice of ham and 2-3 tablespoons of onion compote on top.
  4. Close the panini.
  5. Place it on the grill. Cook until bread is crisp and fillings are warmed.
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