You can follow this formula to make cookies and cream using your own favorite store-bought treats, in case Oreos don't match that description. Whichever variety you use, they are simply ground to a fine powder in the Thermomix before being combined with sugar, milk, and eggs (with cornstarch as a fail safe thickener). The cream needs to be chilled overnight before serving, preferably dolloped with whipped cream, so plan accordingly.


150 grams OREO® Cookies (or similar)
100 grams sugar
800 grams milk
5 eggs
30 grams corn starch


1In the Thermomix cup, grind the cookies for a few seconds on speed 9, until fine crumbs form.
2Add the sugar, eggs, and 700 grams of milk. Set for 10 minutes/212°F/speed 3.
3In a small bowl, dissolve the cornstarch in 100 grams of milk.
4When the time is up, add the cornstarch mixture to the cup and set to 3 minutes/212°F/speed 3.
5Pour into a serving dish and cool.
6Cover the dish and refrigerate overnight.
7Serve very chilled with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.
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