Orange Panacotta

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Orange Panacotta


If quick and easy is what you are looking for in a delicious and fulfilling dessert, then this Orange Panacotta is just the thing. Pannacotta is a molded chilled dessert popular throughout Italy and is not only easy to make, but provides a rich and decadent texture and cool, refreshing flavor. By adding orange jam on top of this traditional vanilla infused dessert, it creates a whole new flavor punch.


  • 1 can condensed milk
  • 400 milliliters cream
  • 1 vanilla pods
  • 350 milliliters milk
  • 5 sheets gelatin (colorless)


  1. 1In a pan, mix the condensed milk with the cream.
  2. 2Add the vanilla pod.
  3. 3Hydrate the gelatin leaves in cold water, and then melt in a little boiling water.
  4. 4Add the gelatin to the mixture of condensed milk, and finally add the milk.
  5. 5Blend well, and bring to a boil.
  6. 6Pour into cups, or small molds, and refrigerate to solidify.
  7. 7Cover with orange jam, and serve chilled.
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