If you can't find any fresh mussels in your neck of the woods, buy the frozen kind instead; these are widely available at most supermarkets and they thaw relatively quickly. They also cook quickly, perfect for weeknight meals. Here the mussels are sauteed with onion, mushrooms, bell pepper, and cabbage, then chopped tomatoes and sliced crab sticks are toss in and the dish is ready for serving, in a flash of the pan.


1/2 package mussels (frozen)
3 crab sticks
1/4 sweet pepper
1 tomatoes
1/3 cabbage (Bull's Heart)
1 onions
7 fresh mushrooms (laminated)


1In a wok, put a tablespoon of olive oil.
2Place on the stove with the onion cut into thick slices and the mushrooms.
3Let it boil.
4Add the mussels (which must be defrosted) and peppers.
5Wrap and let it cook on low heat for about 5 minutes.
6Add the cabbage and wrap.
7Season with a little bit of salt.
8Leave for more 3 minutes.
9Turn off the heat and put the tomato and crab sticks.
10Cook and its ready to eat!
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