Minced Pork Tapa

Minced Pork Tapa


Sometimes when you are scouring through recipes to find the perfect one that will satisfy your sweet tooth and put smiles on your loved ones faces. This recipe for Minced Pork Tapa combines three perfectly paired ingredients with a decadent and hearty taste that will leave your guests satisfied. The Minced Pork Tapa recipe is a smooth and rich treat. If you want to experience pure palate pleasure, then try these sweet treats.


250 grams pork (lean, minced)
250 grams streaky bacon (minced)
2 garlic cloves
smoked sweet Spanish paprika (ground)
1 large potatoes
ground black pepper
olive oil


1For the marinade, mix pork, bacon and finely crushed garlic.
2Season generously with paprika until meat turns very red.
3Season with salt, freshly ground black pepper and oregano.
4Cover and refrigerate for two days.
5Peel potatoes and slice as for a tortilla.
6Heat olive oil in a skillet and sauté until knife-tender.
7Remove potatoes and set aside.
8Heat a small amount of oil in pan and cook marinated meat (half is enough for 1 serving) and stir until meat is cooked.
9To serve, arrange potato slices on serving plate and top with cooked meat.
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