Mashed Cauliflower With Roasted Garlic

Uriah West: "turn out very good!!!! super easy to make & fast" Read More


  • 1 head cauliflower (separated into florets)
  • 1 head garlic
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons fresh thyme (chopped)
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt (or to taste)
  • 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
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    Sodium14% DV340mg
    Fat2% DV1g
    Protein6% DV3g
    Carbs3% DV8g
    Fiber12% DV3g
    Calories50Calories from Fat10
    Total Fat1g2%
    Saturated Fat0g0%
    Trans Fat
    Calories from Fat10
    Total Carbohydrate8g3%
    Dietary Fiber3g12%
    Vitamin A0%
    Vitamin C120%

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


    Uriah West 6 months ago
    turn out very good!!!! super easy to make & fast
    Tianna Sikora-Adams 9 months ago
    Best cauliflower recipe I've ever tried. Really enjoyed the roasted garlic.
    lucien 9 months ago
    too much garlic, recommend use half or less than the recipe
    Tina Shifflett 10 months ago
    Really tasty will make again!
    Michele Leah 10 months ago
    Very good and pretty easy to make. Some of the reviews said they didn’t add all the garlic but we did! Yum!
    jd 10 months ago
    Added more butter, black pepper, and salt.
    leannarominger 10 months ago
    Delicious, but adjust slightly!
    Kate a year ago
    Great texture and glad I read the reviews. Only used half a head of garlic, added some butter for extra creaminess. But way too much thyme. I would suggest 1/2 tsp and go from there.
    Alex G. a year ago
    The garlic gives it a great nutty taste. Mine was a bit on the saucier side.
    Hello a year ago
    So yummy, I will add it to my staples
    Mal F. 2 years ago
    Yum . Definitely make it again
    Julie Yarnelle 2 years ago
    A little runny for my first try. But good tasting!
    Parul G. 2 years ago
    tasted fine... had it with tomato sandwich and the combination was great
    Cary C. 2 years ago
    I love it ; is very good in yummy!!!
    Tam 2 years ago
    Amazing and simple. No modifications
    LylasMommy 2 years ago
    This is so delicious even my extremely picky 12 month old loves it. I will definitely be making this every week now, thank you!
    glovercab 2 years ago
    Great. Used riced cauliflower and added a 1/4 cup of non-dairy milk. Creamy deliciousness .
    Hello 2 years ago
    Texture great, we just prefer potatoes but use this with mozzarella cheese as pizza crust (Wheat Belly book)
    Kendra 2 years ago
    This is good but not great. I love that it's a healthier option for mashed potatoes but I think the Thyme was a bit much. I'm going to put less or replace it with rosemary instead. This was easy to make and I will be making this again!
    Delicious and pretty easy to put together. I skipped the thyme because I didn't have it on hand but added a little butter and salt when blending in the food processor. Even the kids liked it and asked for seconds (and thirds)!
    j e. 3 years ago
    I added one small potato and coconut water for consistency and smoothness. Plenty of salt and pepper to top it off. Delicious!!
    Sandhya 3 years ago
    Okay. I might try it with a small potato on the mix as suggested by others to see if the consistency is better. Play around with the seasoning to your liking!
    Jennifer 3 years ago
    I've been having insane pregnancy cravings for mashed potatoes. Like, "Get me some mashed potatoes and no one gets hurt!" kind of cravings. The problem is with gestational diabetes, the potatoes are a no go. I thought this would be a sad substitute, but hallelujah! it satisfies the pregnancy beast just as well as my beloved potatoes! I did substitute real butter for the olive oil, and add a dash of milk to make them smoother. But I could honestly eat this every single day...oh, wait, I actually do!
    Delicious and super easy!! I substituted the olive oil with margarine to make it a bit more creamy. The only less positive aspect is that since I m wanting to be mindful of my energy consumption, next time I want to do this recipe when I m already using my oven and not just for two heads of garlic.... Sure is tasty though!
    Arlene Cyril C. 3 years ago
    its yummy and a great subtitute to a mash kids loves it....... i can make this also to my friends who are vegetarian
    Gretchen B. 3 years ago
    Very good! Only a couple hiccups. Website with directions was down, so had to wing it. While recipe didn't turn out as expected, was still delicious! I assume - after the fact - that cauliflower needed to be 'mashed' in a food processor to achieve creamy texture. Tried using mixture, which made cauliflower more 'rice-like.' Probably should have cooked cauliflower longer but didn't have instructions. Will definitely try again!
    Jon M. 3 years ago
    This was ok, but not amazing. Needed a lot of seasoning and, as another reviewer pointed out, I ended up adding some actual potato to get the consistency right.
    Joséphine D. 3 years ago
    I added one mashed boiled potato (peeled) to give more consistency and some parley to give more color. Of course it's important to use fresh garlic.
    Liliana A. 3 years ago
    This recipe attracted me since it is so easy to make, I enjoyed the result although I did some twists: roasting both the garlic and the cauliflower florets already seasoned with dried thyme, pepper, salt and olive oil; I also added a little milk to give it some smoothness while blending. It turned out really well, my family was so tired of boiled cauliflower this idea made them click with it again.
    Kathy W. 3 years ago
    I am not a fan of fresh Thyme, so I left it out, thinking it would need something else to make it delicious. But when I tasted it after adding the salt & pepper, I loved it, and didn't add anything except a little bit of almond milk to moisten it as needed. DELICIOUS!! My skeptical daughter also agreed that it is definitely a good substitute for mashed potatoes!! I will definitely make this again!!