Marzipan Mousse with Fruit Compote

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Marzipan Mousse with Fruit Compote


This Marzipan Mousse with Fruit Compote is the perfect wintertime dessert. Featuring the rich flavors of marzipan in a light and fluffy mousse, the sweet wine apricot and raisin compote makes the perfect sauce to complement the fluffy marzipan mousse. Simple and straightforward, you will have an elegant dessert worthy of any dinner party. Prepare both the mousse and the compote the day before you plan on serving the Marzipan Mousse with Fruit Compote as both need to be refrigerated for 24 hours.


  • 8 sheets gelatin
  • 400 grams milk
  • 250 grams marzipan (almond paste)
  • 500 milliliters heavy cream
  • 100 grams dried apricot (chopped)
  • 100 grams raisins
  • wine (moscatel)


  1. 1Put the gelatin sheets completely into cold water to soak.
  2. 2In a pot, heat the milk to 50 degrees Celsius. Cut in pieces of the marzipan and make smooth with an immersion blender.
  3. 3Stir in the soaked and drained gelatin sheets. Turn off the heat and let cool to 30 C.
  4. 4While cooling, whip the cream into stiff peaks.
  5. 5In about 5 or 6 batches, pour the milk mixture over the whipped cream and fold it in until all the milk is used.
  6. 6Line individual serving dishes with plastic wrap. Pour the mousse into each dish.
  7. 7Refrigerate until cool then transfer to the freezer for 24 hours.
  8. 8The same day you make the mousse, make the fruit compote. Place the apricots and raisins into a pot and add enough wine to completely cover them. Simmer on low heat until the fruit is soft and the wine has reduced.
  9. 9Refrigerate the compote for 24 hours.
  10. 10The next day, unmold the mousse and top with the fruit compote.
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