How to Make Homemade Pita Bread

Chris Johnson: "Turned out great! 2nd time making it. Tried using…" Read More


  • 1 cup warm water (not hot or boiling)
  • 2 teaspoons instant yeast (or active dry)
  • 3 cups all purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil (optional)
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    NutritionView More

    Sodium25% DV590mg
    Fat2% DV1.5g
    Protein10% DV5g
    Carbs12% DV36g
    Fiber4% DV1g
    Calories180Calories from Fat20
    Total Fat1.5g2%
    Saturated Fat0g0%
    Trans Fat
    Calories from Fat20
    Total Carbohydrate36g12%
    Dietary Fiber1g4%
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin C

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


    Chris Johnson 5 months ago
    Turned out great! 2nd time making it. Tried using a bread machine and it turned out the same.
    Sofia 5 months ago
    The pita turned out lovely. I will never more buy them ready made. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. And they are so easy to make.
    Brooke 6 months ago
    I made this twice so far and if you want to ensure a pocket is created while cooking, make sure the dough is chilled. Very tasty!
    Clarissa G. 6 months ago
    Amazing recipe! We are enjoying with some shrimp and steak! 😋
    Melinda R. 6 months ago
    Delicious! Fantastic flavor. The recipe has great instructions.
    Sword 7 months ago
    They’re great, perfect with tzatziki
    Helen Chiu 7 months ago
    I baked them. I don’t think that I rolled them thin enough so the were quite fat. They tasted pretty good but next time, I will use less salt.
    Emma Scott 7 months ago
    These come out great baked in the oven. Add in some nigella seeds, coriander, turmeric and garlic power and they go really nicely with curry too.
    Tammy Luethje a year ago
    Excellent recipe. Only I cooked it on a low heat because the hotter the easier they burn. But waaayyy tastier than store bought or restaurant!
    A Person a year ago
    Oh 😍 my first flatbreads, they are yummy
    Aisling Byrne a year ago
    Really tasty pita and easy to make! Perfect for lunch or dipping! Mine didn’t puff up in the oven unfortunately but I might have rolled them too thin!
    Colleen Hoggarth a year ago
    The best pita bread I've ever tasted, my family loved it!
    Eleanor Reynolds a year ago
    Cooked in stove, turned out good, not many pockets.
    Alhajri0 a year ago
    The recipe is great.. I made mini chicken shawarma using the bread 👌🏼
    ellie a year ago
    They came out great, I added a teaspoon of sugar. Decieded to make on stove top on my cast iron skillet. Due to high heat needed for them to puff up or bubble. It made the house very smokey, had to use a fan in kitchen window to filter out smoke. Will try in oven next time.
    Leann Demorest a year ago
    Have made a few times now, and it’s always delicious!
    Danielle V. a year ago
    The pita bread waa delicious.
    kla18252 k. a year ago
    Worked up very easy. Mine didn't blow up all that much but enough that I could separate them once I cut them in half. I used most of them to dip into a hummus Lamb dish called "Hummus with Ground Lamb and Toasted Pine Nuts" That is also on Yum so it didn't matter too much to me if the air bubble was there or not. Will make this again for sure!
    Michelle O. a year ago
    These were very easy and really yummy. I cooked them in the oven and they were nice and soft with a little chew to them. They were perfect for my homemade gyros.
    Norma M. 2 years ago
    Used 1 cup bread flour and 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour, cut the salt to 1 teaspoon. Almost 2 hours and rising beautifully. Just finished cooking in oven, lovely! Making a lamb sandwich now. So easy and delicious. Will definitely make again. They looked like balloons in the oven.
    ey eyey 2 years ago
    My dough doubled in size, but I only had enough for four 8” pitas. The ones I did make, however, turned out incredible. There’s nothing like eating one of these freshly cooked.
    Tia Thompson 2 years ago
    Great recipe!! I utilized this recipe to make pita chips with homemade pitas. This recipe is easy and fast! Tastes good and has great texture once cooled! I used the baking method.
    Karyn 2 years ago
    These were excellent! I made them according to the directions in the recipe. I didn’t find them to be bland as some other reviews had stated. However I am a bit of a purist. Though I can see how you could change them up with garlic or rosemary or whatever your preference. I will be making these on the regular. So fast and easy!
    M 2 years ago
    Easy to make. Fun to make. Haven't gotten past using them to make pita pizzas yet though. Looking forward to it!
    Jacklyn Vanderpool 2 years ago
    Very good! I’d recommend adding just a touch more seasonings!
    Radeyah Howard 2 years ago
    They were very tasty and the recipe was very easy to follow.
    Elaine Ashbridge 2 years ago
    Followed the recipe to a T , and they were the best ive made so far
    Sarah S. 2 years ago
    The best pitas we've had! And very easy to make. Beats the chemical filled ones in the store 😁
    Nancy Firestone 3 years ago
    I absolutely love these (so does my family). Not sure how many times I've made them but I haven't bought store-bought pita bread since I started.
    Stela D. 3 years ago
    These pitas are dangerous. Just made them on the stovetop in a non-stick pan and my son coud not get enough. He advised me to put the rest in a safe otherwise we won't have any left for tomorrow.