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Homemade Soft Flour Tortillas

Julie R.: "Fantastic...our new go to for tortillas!" Read More
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  • 3 1/2 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 3/4 cup butter (Cold, Cut Into 1 tablespoon pieces)
  • 1 1/3 cups hot water (Almost Boiling)
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    NutritionView More

    Sodium10% DV230mg
    Fat11% DV7g
    Protein4% DV2g
    Carbs6% DV17g
    Fiber3% DV<1g
    Calories140Calories from Fat60
    Total Fat7g11%
    Saturated Fat4.5g23%
    Trans Fat
    Calories from Fat60
    Total Carbohydrate17g6%
    Dietary Fiber<1g3%
    Vitamin A4%
    Vitamin C

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


    Julie R. 15 days ago
    Fantastic...our new go to for tortillas!
    Andrea 2 months ago
    I was actually pretty nervous making homemade tortillas for the first time but, this recipe is so easy to follow! They came out just the way I was hoping! Yummy 😋
    Amanda Prellwitz 2 months ago
    The dough was really sticky, it almost had to much water
    WiseCulinaire 2 months ago
    This is THE recipe! It’s the best one I’ve found so far! Perfect!
    Deborah A. 3 months ago
    Fantastic perfect tortillas turned last one into dessert with butter and cinnamon and sugar
    Barbara 3 months ago
    Great tasting but I will divide the dough into bigger pieces next time.
    Oliwia Rogowska 3 months ago
    Taste and look amazing! Much better than the store-bought ones
    Deanna Carter 3 months ago
    These are amazing! They taste just like lonestar and we’re surprisingly easy to make. Recipe makes a lot of tortillas though and they are fairly small. They were perfect size for tacos, but if you are looking for your standard tortilla size I’d suggest dividing the dough into 15 instead of 20 pieces.
    Kira H 3 months ago
    this is the tortilla recioe you nedd in your life. so good!
    John 3 months ago
    Awesome I used a tortilla press for the roundness but that’s just me
    Josie Sorensen 4 months ago
    Turned out more like naan bread but tasted delicious! I added garlic powder and Italian seasoning
    Scott C. 4 months ago
    These are the best so easy to make
    Camila Aylén Naya 4 months ago
    Absolutely amazing! Gonna make this again for sure!
    Esther K 4 months ago
    Perfect! Easy and delicious
    Amber Kroff 4 months ago
    im giving this recipe 4 stars, and mot 5, because they do taste great the first day. i stored mine, after they cooled, in a large Ziploc bag in my refrigerator which i have always done with my homemade tortillas. But within a few days they were dry and cracked and tore when we tried to roll them up. im not sure if i added to much flour or what. but they are quite tasty when they are first cooked. yum!
    Lezlie Lynagh 5 months ago
    This is so easy and perfect and delicious! Taste better then store bought in our opinion! I will trying less butter next time and experimenting with different types for flavor but still this was great! It made us 32 and all the different things we can make now!! Definitely keeping this in the family.
    Andrea Rummans 6 months ago
    first time and I made it like a pro!! directions were super easy and made like 20 tortillas!! only thing I did different- i used 1 stick of butter rather than 3/4 cup. Still came out perfectly and less fat involved (win-win) ill never buy the dry store bought again!!
    Stephanie Tostoes 7 months ago
    will definitely make this again!
    NvChristine 7 months ago
    Second time trying to make homemade tortillas. First attempt with a different recipe came out thick and tough. These were amazing. Made 20 small tortillas. Went perfectly with the Carne Asada and Mexican rice I found on Yummly. Will make these again. I’d also like to make a batch with lard for comparison.
    Jessica Sprague 8 months ago
    AMAZING! So yummy I made 16 tortillas and they are a great medium size. Definitely making this all the time instead of buying
    Jay Rob 9 months ago
    Excellent recipe. I haven't any previous tortilla experience, but this is a welcomed introduction. I'm excited to make more and possibly test the boundaries of this recipe. Simple and delicious.
    Sterling Trent 9 months ago
    It turned out AMAZING! I'll definitely be making this again
    David White 10 months ago
    I mixed it all by hand, barely kneaded at all, and used my tortilla press. They were so good. When fresh I’d eat them with no filling.
    Ralph S 10 months ago
    Really tasty and soft. Recipe made a lot of tortillas.
    David 10 months ago
    Not “traditional” lard-based tortillas, but friggin amazing.
    Connor a year ago
    These are awesome. I’ll definitely make them again! It felt good to make my whole meal from scratch.
    Brigita a year ago
    These turned out sooo good. Store bought tortillas-never again.
    Vincent a year ago
    Great! In fact......Im making them again right now
    Diane Casias a year ago
    this is so easy to make came out perfect first time Thank you!!!!
    Kaida Addams a year ago
    This is a great recipe! The tortillas were soft and really good.