Ham, Cheese and Vegetable Sandwich

O Meu Tempero
Ham, Cheese and Vegetable Sandwich


You don't have to use olive flavored pasta when preparing this recipe, but it will add an extra dimension to the dish. While the pasta cooks, you can make the topping by sauteeing anchovies, capers, and tomato paste with roasted red peppers, cherry tomatoes, and some of the pasta cooking water; the tomatoes will soften and the liquid will thicken up a bit. Then the pasta is mixed into the sauce, an important step in allowing the dish to come together before serving.


2 cheese (triangles)
2 slices rye bread
10 grams arugula
10 grams beets (cooked, julienned)
10 grams carrots (julienned)
2 slices ham (chicken)


1Spread a generous amount of cheese on the slices of bread.
2On 1 slice of bread, place the arugula, beet, carrot and ham.
3Cover with the other slice of bread.
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