Grilled Cilantro, Lime + Paprika Corn on the Cob

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Brooke: "We really loved the corn, even though I had to ba…" Read More


  • 4 ears of corn
  • 2 tablespoons virgin coconut oil
  • smoked paprika (to taste)
  • 1 lime (cut into wedges)
  • 1 handful fresh cilantro (chopped)
  • sea salt (to taste)
  • ground black pepper (Freshly-, to taste)
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Yummly User
Gabrielle Angers 13 days ago
Pretty good. You need to really dive the celentro on for it to stick.
Brooke 27 days ago
We really loved the corn, even though I had to bake it instead of grilling. Had a great smoky flavor from the paprika. We added salt and butter. Turned out great!
Dana P. 1 Jul
This was our first foray into grilling corn and it turned out wonderfully. This is a great recipe. I used more season than recommended, but loved the flavor combination.
Steven N. 26 May
Turned out great! I cooked them on a lower temp and for about 30 minutes, turning them regularly as the recipe suggests. Love the flavor!
Delicious. I will definetly make again.
A simple recipe but what a difference it makes to the taste! My family buzzed through all the corn like you see them do in Tom & Jerry cartoons.
I am not skilled with a grill at ALL so I boiled the corn instead. Still turned out great! The lime and paprika were a great combo.
Delicious. Great flavor combo with the coconut oil and the lime juice.
Soooo good! Planning to try it with butter next time instead of coconut oil.
Abberdene 24 Nov 2017
Perfect Didnt modify at all
Smith 27 Oct 2017
Great flavour, was a huge hit with friends.
Amber 23 Oct 2017
Yummy. This corn is great.
Neil Stanworth 1 Oct 2017
real easy and real tasty
Allie Kim 20 Sep 2017
I thought it was really good, but my husband and son LOVED it. Very easy to make. And the ingredients used (outside of the corn) I use a lot, so they won't go to waste!
Kyle 18 Sep 2017
Baked mine this time instead of the usual grilling, turned out great. Substituted butter for the oil, and sprinkled some cotija cheese on top. Great recipe. This is how I eat my corn now.
This was so fresh and delicious I don't know if I can ever go back to boiled corn with butter!
Jill D. 27 Aug 2017
Amazing! I loved this recipe.
Newt 21 Aug 2017
The cilantro just falls off and the paprika has no flavor But it looks fancy
Roca 21 Aug 2017
I overcooked the corn a bit but it still turned out amazing!
Elizabeth H. 14 Aug 2017
Delicious! We added Cojita and it was even better!
Sammi 25 Jul 2017
Tasted great. Could use a better method for applying the oil, spices, and herbs (but maybe there's not a better way!)
Chef Mel 5 Jul 2017
Quick easy and good Pretty as well
Dave B. 3 Jul 2017
This was a fun alternative to the normal corn on the cob. We liked the lime flavor this recipe had on the corn. Next time I think we'll probably be a little more heavy handed with the smoked paprika.
Jimmy Journay 2 Jul 2017
Cilantro and lime gave the corn a very fresh taste. Will be doing all corn on the cob like this from now on.
Jojo 2 Jul 2017
So simply delicious. I don't particularly like cilantro so substituted with basil, yum!
Pavithra V. 18 May 2017
Awesome 😊 definitely will make it again.
Crystal I 23 Apr 2017
Easy and delicious! Didnt add cilantro because im not a fan of it. So just did they basic olive oil, black pepper, sea salt, half a wedge of lime, and paprika and baked it in the oven. Will definitely be making this again !
V 21 Apr 2017
Bit messy to eat but that's half the fun. Perfect for bbq season! Will definitely make again.
Cat C. 13 Sep 2016
Delicious! Always ensure to cut the skin off the potatoes or it'll become too crispy on the edges. Also take it easy on the cayenne.
Stephanie J. 22 Jul 2015
My husband and I made our corn this way a few weeks ago and loved it so much that I made it again just the other night. We love it, the tanginess from the lime and and smokiness from the paprika. Finished with the herbiness from the cilantro! Perfect way to lively up your corn! Yum