Green Tofu Enchiladas

Green Tofu Enchiladas


1 onions (medium)
olive oil
3 cups green chile (Roasted peeled, more or less)
ground cumin (Freshly)
toasted sesame oil
soy sauce
garlic powder
tortillas (above)
colby cheese
tofu (mixture, above)
sauce (Green, above)


1To make green sauce: saute a medium onion in olive oil with garlic until almost tranluscent. Add in a few cups of roasted peeled green chile. (I add mine frozen and let it defrost). cook for a while. Add enough water to just barely cover, not too much. Add salt. Add freshly ground cumin and oregano.
2Blenderize until sort of smooth, about the constistency of tomato sauce.
3To make tortillas: Mix enough harina masa (from Quaker Oats) with water and salt so that it makes a nice dough that's not too moist but not too dry.
4Let it sit coverd by saran wrap for about ten minutes. There should be about three or four golf ball sized balls.
5Form into three golf balls worth. Flatten between two pieces of wax paper with a flat plate. Cook on ungreased wok or skillet till done but not hard.
6To make enchiladas filing: crumble tofu and squeeze out water. Add a tiny bit of toasted sesame oil, a little soy sauce, some garlic powder and some salt.
7To make enchiladas: Put a tortilla in baking pan. Put a small piece of colby cheese, some tofu, cover with green sauce, Then add another tortilla and do the same, making three tortillas with two layers. Don't try to roll them; they'll break.
8Bake for 10 minutes in 350 oven.
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