Greek Yogurt and Chia Seeds Refreshment

Receitas Da Felicidade!
Greek Yogurt and Chia Seeds Refreshment


Need a quick breakfast that you can grab and take with you? Try this recipe for Greek Yogurt and Chia Seeds Refreshment. Mineral water is blended greek yogurt and then sweetened with honey. To this mixture is added chia seeds and fresh mint for a refreshing and healthy morning drink option. Serve over ice or blend with ice for a thicker texture. This recipe acts as a great base recipe so that you can also experiment with your favorite flavors.


1 container greek yogurt
1 tablespoon honey
mint leaves (to taste)
1 tablespoon chia seeds
mineral water (1 lt.)
ice (optional)


1Blend the yogurt with the water until it dissolves completely.
2Sweeten it with the honey, incorporate the chia seeds, and season it with chopped mint.
3Serve with ice.
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