Granola and Galak Cheesecake

Granola and Galak Cheesecake


This recipe for Granola and Galak Cheesecake is a sweet, tart, and tantalizing treat that will tickle the taste buds. The cake is sweet and fluffy. The Granola and Galak Cheesecake is an airy and sweet celebration on top. Be sure to pick up these ingredients the next time you go shopping for a sweet surprise the next family gathering. This is the perfect sweet treat for a holiday dinner or a special occasion. Why not bring this to the next family gathering?


  • 24 grams butter
  • 50 grams butter
  • 200 grams white chocolate (Galak)
  • 300 grams Saint Moret cheese
  • 200 grams cottage cheese
  • 1 tablespoon powdered sugar


  1. 1Preheat oven to 350 °F - Th6.
  2. 2Crumble the granola.
  3. 3Mix the crumbles with the soft butter and press this mixture at the bottom of a mold.
  4. 4Melt the Galak® chocolate and mix off the heat with the St Morêt®, cottage cheese and sugar.
  5. 5Pour this mixture over the granola base and bake for about 30 minutes maximum.
  6. 6Wait until the cheesecake has cooled and reserve in the fridge for at least 4 hours before unmolding.
  7. 7Have fun decorating it! I sprinkled it with cocoa powder and added some edible decorative marbles.
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