Goat Cheese and Peach Crostini

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Sylvia Y.: "Crostinis are so beautiful. They have a rustic Fr…" Read More

Goat cheese is savory. Peaches are sweet. This Goat Cheese and Peach Crostini recipe combines the two tasty ingredients for a mouthwatering menu item that takes 20 minutes to prepare. These wonderful appetizers are perfect for a party, celebration, or snack. Ingredients include sliced bread of your choice, goat cheese, spinach leaves, peach slices, and balsamic cream. You might want to consider doubling the recipe because you will want more than one.


  • 4 bread (slices)
  • goat cheese
  • 8 spinach leaves
  • 1 peach (cut into slices)
  • cream (balsamic)


  1. Toast each slice of bread lightly on each side.
  2. Lightly saute the goat cheese in a nonstick pan.
  3. Place the spinach, peach slices, and cheese on the toasted bread. Add a few drops of balsamic cream onto the bread slices.
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Yummly User
Sylvia Y. 2 Jun 2015
Crostinis are so beautiful. They have a rustic French feel that tastes amazing. Use fresh peaches for this dish for it to taste the best. I like to can peaches when they are in season, so I know they are ripe and have the perfect sweetness. Those canned peaches are what I used for this recipe. Use very cold butter for the crust. I have found that if I freeze the sticks of butter first, then grate them in to the dough, the crust comes out remarkably flaky and buttery.