Ginger and Mint Lemonade

Ginger and Mint Lemonade


Celebrate sunshine and warm days with this refreshing recipe for Ginger and Mint Lemonade. Made with fresh lemon juice, grated ginger and fresh mint add a burst of soothing and refreshing flavor to each sip of this sweet lemony drink. Perfectly balanced in flavor, this is a great pitcher drink to make for your guests during a summertime barbecue or dinner party. Use fresh ginger and mint for the best flavor. Sweeten with sugar or other sweetener to your preference.


  • 3 lemon juice (large)
  • 5 centimeters fresh ginger
  • 1 bunch fresh mint
  • 2/3 tablespoon vanilla sugar
  • water (4 times more than the juice)
  • ice


  1. 1Cut the lemons, and squeeze out the juice.
  2. 2Grate the ginger the best you can so you don't feel pieces while drinking.
  3. 3Add the ginger and mint leaves to the juice.
  4. 4Add sugar to taste.
  5. 5Add cold water or ice, or both.
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