Garden of Small Colorful Carrots

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Garden of Small Colorful Carrots


Create quite a stir at your next office party or social gathering! This decorative piece is very easy to assemble, and is fully edible. Featuring carrots and rye bread, you can set bowls of them out before any meal, or as a great way to add color to the meal. You can use different vegetables, such as onion or celery, to create a large variety of looks. You can even mix and match!


  • 2 loaves rye bread
  • 2 bunches carrots (mini, various colors)
  • hummus


  1. 1Slice 2 medium rye bread loaves and toast the slices in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius until they are crispy.
  2. 2Set them aside to cool, and then crush them to get a fine powder. Put the powder in a transparent bowl.
  3. 3Peel and clean the carrots. Cut them into 2 or 4 depending on their size.
  4. 4Cut back the carrot tips so that they will slightly show above the "compost".
  5. 5Put the carrots to soak in a bowl of cold water with ice cubes for 20 minutes so they become crunchier.
  6. 6Drain the carrots and dry them quickly with a paper towel.
  7. 7Roll each carrot tip into hummus and plant the carrots in the "compost".
  8. 8You can decorate with edible flowers.
  9. 9You can also change up the vegetables and use radishes, small raw green asparagus ...
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