Exotic Fruit Pavlova

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Exotic Fruit Pavlova


This recipe for Exotic Fruit Pavlova is a decadent way to show your family you care. Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert that is named after the Russian ballerina Ann Pavlova. There is a crisp crust and a light and fruity filling topped with whipped cream. This recipe combines mango, pineapple, kiwi, pomegranate and passion fruit for a tangy and tasty treat. Be sure to pick these ingredients so you can make this dessert the next time you have friends over.


150 grams egg whites
300 grams sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
1 mango
1 pineapple
2 kiwi
1/2 pomegranate
2 passion fruit


1To make the meringue, you must weigh the whites and multiply the weight by 2 to get the proper amount of sugar to be used.
2Preheat oven to 230F.
3In a saucepan, gently heat the sugar and egg whites. Stir until the sugar is melted and the temperature reaches 100F. When the temperature is reached, put the whites in the mixer bowl and whip until stiff.
4On a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, form a circle with the whites leaving a crater in the center to place the fruits. Bake for 2 hours.
5The pavlova should be crispy on top, but soft inside.
6Beat the cream with the vanilla sugar for a whipped texture.
7Prepare the fruits by peeling them and cutting them into pieces.
8Assemble just before serving, otherwise the fruits and the whipped cream might moisten the meringue, spread a thick layer of whipped cream on the pavlova and arrange the fruits in the middle.
9Serve chilled and accompany with a mango coulis.
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