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  • 6 whole russet potatoes (Medium, 6 To 8)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 24 whole large eggs
  • non-stick cooking spray
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Yummly User
Mikayla Steinke 22 hours ago
they tasted really weird to us we couldnt eat them.
These were Soooo GOOD😋!!! ALL PRAISES to THE Almighty God of Israel!!! My children LOVED❤️ them! I made these for brunch along with some miniature ones also, but topped them with scrambled eggs in place of the fried egg, those were YUMMY😋, also. Must Do Again!😋👍🏽👍🏽😁
Robin H. 27 Jun
great. will make again
Ames 24 Jun
I liked and so did the potato deprived Hubs!!! I cut out some of the added salt, but tasted delicious!!!
Nat 14 Jun
Worked perfectly :) used egg whites instead of full eggs
Delicious, bu very complicated
it turned out pretty good
Nyla C. 6 Jun
Easy and delicious! I would make again.
These little things are amazing I made them for my kids and they loved them. Then my parents came and staid with me and I made them again they also thought the were good!😋
Miranda C. 13 Apr
worked well for my family. Added more butter before adding eggs to help with the dryness of thr potatoes.
Beth 29 Mar
rating as a 4.0 with ketchup/seasoning, a 2.5 without. The first batch seemed to come out fine, but the second time I came out with chewy eggs (my cooking fault, not the recipes). But I will say that these nests are fairly good, fairly quick, and a good breakfast treat, especially if you put ketchup on them and know how to season them. I give 3.0 as an overall rating because they weren't amazing but weren't bad; they also aren't that healthy of a choice for me, but again: I needed something quick.
Whitmer 26 Mar
Pretty good. The egg whites took way longer to set than the directions suggested and overcooked. Next time I'll poach them separately and combine, then return to the oven to finish.
Joanna F. 18 Mar
These were so good! I used premade hash browns because I’m lazy but they turned out so good. I made them twice and I was in a hurry the first time and didn’t let the hash browns cool which made the eggs harder than I like them. On my second try I let them cool before adding the eggs and they were perfect.
perkins 10 Mar
Not that impressive so wont be making it again
It was supper tasty but even 3 potatoes which was the amount I used made a lot of hash browns so my tip would be to make this when you have friends and family to enjoy it with!
Sapp 4 Mar
It turn out well just over cooked the potatoes
Scott 4 Mar
Very good, added some onions to the potatoe mixture for some added flavour
Rose 25 Feb
Very easy to make. a bit dry, but great flavor. perhaps I cooked them a bit to long. (15 min for the nests and 12 min for the eggs) since my gkids do not like running yokes I scrambled the eggs for some of the nests and those came out great!! Breakfast was delicious and fun and was gone in minutes. Definitely do again!
Hi 25 Feb
Good didn’t change the recipe
Pretty plain and the eggs came out rough and chewy. Won’t make it again.
It’s very tasty. I will cook it again and again:)
Debra H. 1 Jan
Takes some forethought - I baked the potato the night before. I let the nests cool while frying some sausage. BTW: 1 potato made 6-7 nests. I served two per adult. My nests weren't as brown as the picture. Maybe try butter instead of spray oil? Also, I needed thicker potato on the bottom of each nest. Greg loved them. I'll try again.
Joyce S. 24 Dec 2017
Turned out great I used shredded potatoes from the refrigerated section and after the eggs were done I split a cooked piece of bacon on top then added shredded cheese
SW 5 Dec 2017
Excellent! First time trying this recipe out, came out better then expected. :) Garnished the eggs with fresh basil, avocado oil mayo, and paprika. Will definitely make again. I would recommend Baking the potatoes the night prior and start baking the next morning.
Suzy 26 Nov 2017
Added some cheese and gravy on top of the eggs and it pulled it all together perfectly
Shahd 23 Nov 2017
This recipe is really easy and delicious . I loved it so much
Danilo M. 19 Nov 2017
Good recipe, i added ham and cheese, it was delicious
Des 15 Nov 2017
They were very good, and so incredibly easy to make!
Wheeler 11 Nov 2017
This was really easy to make; i used bagged frozen hash browns, for my nest instead of cutting potatoes. My family did like the idea, but i over did it on the pepper (i'm heavy handed with pepper) and my side items where cold. Still this is an awesome receipt.
Sabrine D. 3 Nov 2017
Very good and easy to do!