Eggplant Rolls with Goat Cheese and Basil

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Eggplant Rolls with Goat Cheese and Basil


Eggplant never tasted like this before! Featuring chevre, thyme, and basil, you’ll appreciate the savory flavor of this nutritious meal. Serve it alongside of fresh spinach or salad. Top with parsley to garnish.


  • 2 eggplant (large)
  • 2 logs fresh chevre
  • basil
  • fresh thyme
  • 1 can tomato sauce (with olives)
  • grated Gruyère cheese


  1. 1Preheat oven to 200°C (390°F).
  2. 2Wash the eggplants, slice them lengthwise (about 0.3 cm slices) place them on a baking sheet.
  3. 3Coat the slices lightly with olive oil using a brush.
  4. 4Salt, and season with fresh thyme.
  5. 5Bake for 15 minutes until slices are soft and lightly colored.
  6. 6Cut an equal amount of logs of goat cheese to the eggplant slices.
  7. 7Cover each slice of eggplant with a piece of goat cheese, top with a large basil leaf, roll and place in an oven dish.
  8. 8Pour the tomato sauce over the eggplant rolls, sprinkle grated cheese over the rolls, and bake for 20 minutes.
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