Lauren Sampson: "Delicious and super easy and quick to make!" Read More


  • 4 skinless chicken breasts (boneless)
  • salt
  • fresh ground black pepper
  • 1/2 cup basil pesto (I used my homemade Basil Pesto with Lemon, but you can use purchased basil pesto.)
  • 2 ounces low-fat mozzarella cheese (grated, or more if you like it cheesy!)
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Yummly User
Lauren Sampson 13 days ago
Delicious and super easy and quick to make!
Delish! I did sear the chicken breast a little first and it ended up perfectly tender and not even a little dry. Super easy, cheap and quick!
Molly 17 Aug
Make this once a week!
Abby D. 9 Aug
Yummy! My children love it!
Paige B. 5 Aug
Wonderful! I also made this vegan with tofu for my oldest kiddo, she loved hers too!
Mariana 4 Aug
Delicious and so easy to make! I added some cherry tomatoes.
Weller 1 Aug
Perfect no brainer. Will make again
Very flavorful and the kids loved it!
Huber 31 Jul
So great! I’ve made it multiple times now😻
Quick and easy! Very delicious!
Susan D. 4 Jul
Love this recipe. Quick, easy, and delicious.
Leslie 2 Jul
Love this recipe. I make gluten free pasta and mix a little pesto with it and it’s a full meal. My husband and 1 year old love it too
Great! I used fresh pasteo from Wholefoods
Very good! I used Classico brand pesto instead of homemade. It was a hit!
Marie 2 Jun
It was easy, not a lot of ingredients, and it tastes good!
AJ 23 May
My family loved it! We will be making this again.
Super easy and the chicken wasn’t dry!
It was delicious & so easy!
Chris 7 May
First time trying pesto. I don’t love pesto but I don’t hate it. Dish was good.
Excellent and delicious.
Jena M. 29 Apr
so delicious! would make it again
Havent made it yet, looking!
delicious! my whole family loves it! plus it is super easy!
Abigail 24 Mar
Very good it just needed more salt
Harriette 21 Mar
fantastic easy to make and very tasty. We had it with couscous and broccoli. Added a chicken stock, to the couscous then the sauce. Lovely.
Awesome! Easy, tasty, and quick to make! Would highly recommend broiling for 5 mins as the instructions ‘suggest’!
Absolutely delicious. Used Italian season chicken breast and then added the other ingredients from the recipe! Soooooooo sooooo yummy 😍😍😍
Katie! 19 Mar
Super delicious and quick prep! Used store bought pesto instead of making it from scratch and added a ton of garlic cloves. This dish had a ton of flavor! paired it with Scalloped potatoes and red pepper Quinoa. UPDATE: 5/4/18...used boneless chicken thighs tonite. Soooooo much more flavor. whole family loves this dish.
AliceWebb 11 Mar
It was delicious. This was my first time trying this recipe.
Gina S. 8 Mar
Seems easy and fast. Delicious!