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Crispy Red Lentil Nuggets

Markie G.: "the nuggets came out pretty well. I suspected i w…" Read More
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  • 1 cup red lentils
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1 cup onion (grated)
  • 1 cup grated carrot
  • 1 cup potato (grated, and spices)
  • oil (for cooking and frying)
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    Sodium1% DV25mg
    Fat9% DV6g
    Protein29% DV15g
    Carbs18% DV53g
    Fiber72% DV18g
    Calories320Calories from Fat50
    Total Fat6g9%
    Saturated Fat0g0%
    Trans Fat
    Calories from Fat50
    Total Carbohydrate53g18%
    Dietary Fiber18g72%
    Vitamin A90%
    Vitamin C25%

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


    Markie G. 14 days ago
    the nuggets came out pretty well. I suspected i would need a lot of seasonings so i was very liberal. I baked for 40 minutes and the crisp was perfect. The measurements seem flexible so for those not wanting to use a measuing cup it was about 1 medium onion, 1 medium potato and 2 carrots. use the upper palm of your hand as a form for nugget-ish shapes.
    I made some modifications, however, it is still a delicious recipe
    Sid 3 months ago
    Turned out tasty. However, the recipe is completely non-specific about which spices to use or how much (you’ll need a lot more than you think, or they turn out bland). In step 2, it specifies that the shredded veggies stick to the pan, and they weren’t kidding! Use more oil than it suggests! The blended lentils with flour and the unknown spices is far too dry, even after soaking and swelling 3x, so add water, roughly 1 cup. Don’t fry these in a pan, as they will stick and become a crumble – this is definitely for the oven, drizzle with oil on parchment paper. They take a while to crisp up. It was a great inspiration for part of dinner today, but the recipe itself is misguided and unhelpful; I had to make it all up as I went
    Cotes 3 months ago
    I grated an onion. I GRATED an onion because the recipe calls for a GRATED onion! Diced veggies are not called for in the ingredients, but magically appear in the direction. Add to that the unnamed “spices” and this recipe is no good. I will try to salvage the food, but my faith in your recipes is destroyed. Please proofread the recipes before you post them.
    Baba 4 months ago
    great tasting and my spouse does not like any kind of lentils!!
    Bon Appetite 4 months ago
    Delicious just delicious. Amazing flavor!
    Anna Harris 8 months ago
    I like that this recipe had flexibility to season to your own tastes, but I wish it provided an example or two of spices to use! The final cooked texture was a little off, but overall good and I’d consider making again.
    annie W. 8 months ago
    Even though it gets a bit sticky and messy when making the nuggets, we really enjoyed this. Remember to add enough seasoning. This recipe can also easily be used to make burger patties!
    Michaela Kirsten 9 months ago
    Great texture and had a good crispy outside, however, I did not manage to season enough. Will definitely add more seasoning to my next batch.
    Andrea De Grau 9 months ago
    Perfect! I loved it.
    Daniela Eulie 9 months ago
    Very yummy! I read the reviews and added a decent amount of spices (i.e, salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano, basil, chili powder) and they turned out amazing and with a really good texture. Btw, I put them in the oven and came out nice and crispy on the outside.
    Shane Hollis 9 months ago
    not bad, I wasn't sure what seasonings to use so I just experimented with a few different things. Ill use a bit more seasoning nest batch.
    Sonia 9 months ago
    I substituted cauliflower for the potatoes. It turned out yum! Easy to make.
    Darlene Hildebrand 10 months ago
    After reading reviews, I made several modifications. They tasted fine. And for game day chicken nugget substitutes, they were great!
    J 10 months ago
    No no no ... i don't know if it was because in the back of my mind i was thinking these would taste like chicken mcnuggets but they didn't ... they were very bland i really had to dunk them in my tom sauce and they still were not nice - just save your lentils for something else ...
    Kathryn Pereira 10 months ago
    Pretty good! recipe is a little vague.
    Joe Tether 10 months ago
    Spice with curry powder, and they go great with some curry ketchup! A splash of lemon juice on top will help them go the extra mile, too. Make sure to add enough salt! I baked them and they do get surprisingly crisp. Accidentally food processed the veggies into the lentils, but they still turned out great!
    Amelie a year ago
    Did them in the oven till turned brown!Didn’t have any carrots so I used cauliflowers instead. Used many spices like Italian mix, paprika, cayenne etc. Ate them with some Chili sauce. Was reallyyyy good and filling! Definitely going to do this again!
    i made it in the oven. it was tasty. added some extra spices to our own taste. the only problem is that we had split lentils which were still kinda hard. Our fault but if all you have is split lentils, soak them or something first.
    Better fried to a darker brown. That crispiness makes it top notch. Seasonings aren't specified so make sure you season to your preference. Overall, a solid plant based recipe.
    Alicja Zajac a year ago
    Absolutely delicious. The texture was great and tasted awesome. Great dish to make for non vegetarian friends when they come to visit
    H a year ago
    the recipe is vague, it’s true, but depending on your proficiency with adding spices avant garde, these are a great fun treat. they do take a little longer to make than implied, and i used regular lentils instead of red.
    laura k a year ago
    They turned out amazing! I rolled them into breadcrumbs before I fried them.
    Skylar a year ago
    It took much longer than expected. I also cooked the lentils because just soaking them doesn’t make sense. I took a review recommendation and used Paprika and chili powder with some coriander as the spices that are unspecified in the recipe and baked them. You don’t need to cook the veggies as long in the skillet as it says. But these turned out great and were AMAZING. As a beginner cook and beginner vegan these were simple to make and great tasting!
    Kinsey Marie R. a year ago
    So, my “nuggets” looked more like a vegetable meatball and were not crispy at all. They were good but just not what I expected.
    Elle Donaldson a year ago
    Takes much more time than it says on the recipe. Also need to soak the lentils for longer. It was kind of vague on what to do for most of the ingredients but turned out okay at the end
    Thomas Andrew a year ago
    Deceivingly time consuming and vague recipe. I cooked my lentils first, not sure if recipe literally wanted you to just soak them? Seemed strange. Used rainbow carrots. Also used cumin, chili powder, salt, pepper, paprika, and about 3 minced garlic cloves to season mixture. Also, added egg whites as a binding agent, since I’m not vegan. I baked them with parchment paper on pans, which left them nice a crispy after flipping. Phew, I need a nap. Overall, they’re taste great but I feel like I can take at least 50% credit for my contributions! ;) The recipe was a good jumping off point.
    Wye a year ago
    I baked these and had with aome home made chips. Spices in the recipe aren't specify so I eyeballed cumin, ground coriander and paprika. Amazing! Will share with my friend so she can do a healthy variation of chicken nuggets for fussy kids.
    sara ali a year ago
    Loved it!! first time cooking and turned out great
    Warren Brown a year ago
    Very happy with how this turned out, but needed to make some serious mods to the recipe as written: First - the “dough” needs liquid - I added about 1/3 of a cup of veggie stock - which worked great Second - I rolled the patties in Panko crumbs - created a great crispy/crunchy texture - highly recommend Third - the image shows a sauce with the nuggets but the recipe doesn’t suggest anything - I did a modified spicy BBQ sauce - highly recommend, especially if you are baking and not frying