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  • 2 pounds pork belly
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 1/3 cup Shaoxing rice wine
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 2 cloves garlic (minced)
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Yummly User
Anne C. 2 Jun
It turned out well. Next time I will cook longer to allow salt to truly crust so it will be easily removed
Mimi K. 1 May
Delicious!! My small oven only goes to 435 so skin wasn’t as crispy as I like but it was still so good. And instead of the brown sugar or garlic I used five spice. My family devoured it. So good!
Graeme B. 22 Apr
absolutely wonderful great way to cook pork belly, taste,look,everything.
crispy and taste great
Jerry F. 31 Mar
Excellent but we now cook it 60 mins. With the salt and also 55/60 mins on the second go round.
Victor A. 12 Mar
Ohhhhh yeaahhh! This, indeed, has been my best result so far with the pork belly. I'm so happy I finally got the entire skin to be crispy. Thanks so much for this technique. The family was very happy eating it. Our friends are calling and asking for the recipe and... perhaps some leftovers? Lol I didn't use the Chinese marinade. I dried it up by itself in the fridge overnight, and then only spread the salt on top before cooking. I served it with some gnocchi with homemade marinara sauce, grana padano, and sautéed spinach.
Beng 20 Feb
This is so far the crispiest pork belly i've ever made and not verging into burnt. 😁
Candra S. 13 Feb
the result is very good... the best pork belly i ever made..
Carolyn B. 1 Nov 2017
This was amazing. The method somehow worked perfectly, just as promised. Delicious marinade too.
Lynette G. 1 Oct 2017
Turned out well. I only marinated n refrigerated for about 2 hours.
Eric G. 21 Jul 2017
This turned out amazing! Followed the directions, had perfectly golden crispy skin! Marinating is important for flavor
Kate Ohlson 13 Jun 2017
Melts in your mouth, it's like great fun on a plate!
Lara 3 Apr 2017
First time ever making pork belly and I just had to leave a review because this was so amazing! So easy and so tasty, everyone said best crackling they'd ever had and I agreed!!
Tabere Tomato 12 Jan 2017
Amazingly yummy! I have tried twice. Now that I Knw this recipe, I'm confident to cook pork belly to the perfection. Thank you.
Trevor B. 1 Aug 2016
Ive used your method twice now and love the result thanks. Best ever and Appreciate you sharing.....
Virginia J. 1 Nov 2015
This recipe is pure pork belly/crisp skin heaven! This was my first time cooking pork belly ever and it was AMAZING! The skin is so crunchy and not gummy at all and the meat is so tender and flavorful. This is to die for. The only thing is that I already had my pork marinated when I found this recipe. I used oregano, orange juice, pepper, some salt and some goya seasoning. 2 days passed before I could make the recipe and it was worth it. lOOOVED IT!
Judith A. 29 Oct 2015
I have cooked pork belly so many times in so many ways, trying to get the crackle to crackle was entertaining... one time we had to open all the doors and windows and move outside until the smoke cleared the house..! I have to say I am going to cook this recipie forever!!!!!! Tasty meat crunchy crackle and no smoke or mess. Oh and my dinner guests loved it and one of them never ever eats pork or YUK crackle. She is still raving about it and her husband took home the leftovers for his lunch next day. So Thank you my search for the perfect belly is now over.