Couscous With Peppers, Coriander And Bacon, For A Quick Meal

O Meu Tempero
Couscous With Peppers, Coriander And Bacon, For A Quick Meal


In case you aren't familiar with this way of preparing couscous, it's much easier and more authentic than boiling it like other shapes of pasta. Instead, simply pour boiling water over the couscous in a heatproof bowl, add a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt, and let stand until the water is absorbed and the pasta is al dente. Here the couscous is tossed with peppers, tomato, cilantro, garlic, and carrot that's blended in a food processor, plus bacon and olives.


  • 150 grams couscous
  • 200 milliliters boiling water
  • 70 grams bacon slices
  • 1/4 green pepper
  • 1/4 red pepper
  • 1 peeled tomatoes (and seeds)
  • 1 carrots
  • 1 bunch fresh coriander
  • 1 clove garlic
  • pitted black olives (to taste)
  • 1/2 lemon juice
  • extra-virgin olive oil (to taste)
  • salt (to taste)
  • black pepper (to taste (5 twists of pepper mill))


  1. 1Place the couscous in a bowl and pour boiling water over it, along with a pinch of salt and a little olive oil.
  2. 2When the water is completely absorbed, fluff using a fork. Heat a frying pan and cook the bacon.
  3. 3Grind the peppers, tomato, cilantro, garlic d the carrot in the food processor.
  4. 4Pour into a serving dish and season with salt, olive oil and lemon juice.
  5. 5Add the couscous and mix everything well.
  6. 6Serve with bacon and olives to taste.
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